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These Five Movies Will Still Wow You This Weekend



Are you a lover of movies? Are you bored and you wish to get busy this weekend? This right relaxation series is right here at your finger tips. Hollywood is growing now and releasing new Sci-Fi and Action movies among others that you love to see again and again. You can simply visit the cinemas and watch them, or relax in the comfort of your sitting room to see some of them. They will surely worth your while. Some of them are:

  1. Annihilation

I have to confess that I haven’t yet read the Jeff VanderMeer novel on which this movie’s based, but there’s a very good reason for sticking Annihilation on this list:

Garland broke into directing with his stunning debut, Ex Machina. Annihilation‘s another genre film, a sci-fi thriller starring Natalie Portman as a biologist on the hunt for her husband in an area beset by environmental disaster. Oscar Isaac’s the missing husband, while Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a psychologist.

It promised to be astounding this, and in a year with some real treats ahead, this is the one that just about squeezed to the top of the list. Unfortunately, due to some very frustrating reasons not worth getting into again here, we may not get to see it on the big screen here in the UK, as it went straight to Netflix.

  1. Early Man

It’s telling that in a year when The Incredibles 2 is listed, there’d still be one animated movie we’d place higher in our anticipated movies list. But then director Nick Park hadn’t made a movie since 2005’s Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, and hadn’t directed since 2008’s Wallace & Gromit short, A Matter Of Loaf And Death.

That he’d back directing, and introducing a whole new bunch of characters too, was a very big deal for us. The film in question was Early Man, a new stop motion animated venture that used the considerable skillset of Aardman to take us back to caveman and cavewoman times. This time, there was an adventure that involved football, fighting and lots and lots of comedy – All from a director whose mantelpiece heaves under the weight of Oscar gold. Don’t bet against him having to nip to Ikea for a new shelf…

  1. Avengers: Infinity War

It seems the end is nigh for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in its current guise, with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige confirming that the Avengers film after this one will wrap up the main storylines. Infinity War, from Captain America: Civil War helmers the Russo brothers, promised to build up to something really rather special.

The gang was pretty much all here for this one, which dealt with the escalating stakes of the MCU. Hopefully, it would be more The Avengers than Avengers: Age Of Ultron? We were hugely looking forward to this one

  1. The Irishman

It’s unclear whether this one will get a theatrical release at all, but it’s hard to be a movie fan and not be excited about the reunion of talent the long-mooted The Irishman represents. Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese for a start, back working together on a film for the first time since Casino. Then, Joe Pesci has been coaxed out of semi-retirement. Al Pacino is on board. Harvey Keitel is in there. Anna Paquin. Jack Huston, Bobby Cannavale. It’s a hell of a list. The film is a mob drama, as De Niro’s Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran tells the story of how he got involved in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa.

It’s 50/50 whether we’ll see this in cinemas next year. Netflix is set to premiere it on their service in 2019, but we’d wager it’ll get an Oscar-qualifying big screen outing at the end of 2018. Hope so.

  1. Deadpool 2

In a year drenched with comic book movies, this was the highlight on paper of the three that were X-Men-tinged. Ryan Reynolds reprised the role of foul-mouthed merc Deadpool, this time with whatever shackles that were on firmly taken off. There was some early fallout on this one, with director Tim Miller leaving the project due to ‘creative differences’ with Reynolds. John Wick co-director David Leitch stepped in instead.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick penned the script again, and the cast featured Morena Baccarin, T J Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Josh Brolin and Jack Kesy. We expected megamoney to be made.

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My Boyfriend Left Me Because I Messed Up – DJ Cuppy



DJ Cuppy has revealed that she messed up her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and talent manager, Asa Asika.

Asa and DJ Cuppy who is the daughter of billionaire businessman, Femi Otedola, used to be an item a few years ago until they both went their separate ways.

DJ Cuppy had a Twitter question and answer session with her fans on Friday, November 20.

One of her fans asked

”@cuppymusic What’s your ex-boyfriend’s name and why did you break up? #AskCuppyAnything,”

Responding, DJ Cuppy wrote: “His name is @AsaAsika and I messed it up.”



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‘It’s Been Difficult Finding Bra That Can Contain My Breasts’



Ogunjimi Adeyinka, the Nigerian actress, musician and content creator, who is also known as Whykay, has reiterated that she’s not under any pressure to get married.

But then, she is open to marriage if the right man steps forward.

“At the moment, there is no marriage pressure from any of my family members. After all, I’m not that old. It’s only my mom that stylishly asks about my boyfriend, and I give her the answer suitable at that particular time,” she said, adding, “I’m not scared of commitment, I’m just scared of my time being wasted. I am open to marriage at any time. I like men who are intelligent. In fact, men that smell good and look smart turn me on at first appearance.”

However, the busty entertainer has lamented the difficulty of getting her perfect bra size.

“I actually don’t care about body ‘shamers’, and it also depends on my mood. If I get any negative comment on my social media, I can reply, delete or block. I make sure I have fun doing these. Another major disadvantage of being busty is the difficulty finding the perfect bra size. It sounds funny, but it’s true. My bra size is not regular.”


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Opinion: On the Music That is #MadeInLagos



By Jane Efagwu

When Wizkid suddenly tweeted that his next tweet will be the official drop of his long awaited fourth studio album, I kid you not, I had certain doubts in mind. What was going on? Was this the moment? Somebody pinch me! Rightfully, Twitter was going nuts over the surprise announcement but I refused to fully believe it. This shameful doubt organized a call to my fellow Starboy FC members because we were the core fans who low-key feared that it could just be Starboy doing normal Starboy things.

I mean, he is Wizkid for God’s sake. We think he can do music however, whenever and it will pop severely. Whatever him and his team were cooking up, one thing was sure- everywhere must definitely stew. E no get how. That was why when I first heard the project, I wasn’t even surprised. He had done it again. For any dedicated observer of the Starboy’s decade old magic, you would know that “it” changes from time to time. Single to single. Era to era. Ayodeji Balogun’s career has been a thrilling movie where the watchers are constantly dazed yet inspired by how often the entertainer is able to top himself over and over and…

The arrangement of the tracks on Made In Lagos is quietly poetic as it is peacefully progressive. Like every life or career journey, it starts out “Reckless” and ends with “Grace”, a silent point made by Starboy regarding his current position in his music and music worldwide. This point echoes loudly throughout the project as we hear a peaceful and permanent replacement of the expected way of delivering Nigerian music with the continuous championing of a new dawn in album creation: creating genre bending music that dare to take up spaces bigger than a genre box or even your radio set.

With his last LP, Sounds From The Other Side (2017), his innovative delivery faced heavy criticism from the Nigerian public.The UK and the U.S ate the project up but Nigerians remained tongue tied. What happened? A timeless album that was grossly misunderstood because of its renovation of the Afropop genre. This same approach to sound heavily punctuates MIL but what’s different this time is instead of misplaced criticism, all we hear is thunderous praise for its effortless delivery. What changed? When did Nigerians start to fully embrace unconventional, refreshing approaches to the beloved Afropop genre?

The music on Wizkid’s fourth studio rollout crosses and merges dominant cultural influences on Starboy’s ever changing sound over the years. He reimagines modern day Afrobeats alongside fellow genre giant, Burna boy while acknowledging his extended family in the U.S. and the UK with features from heavyweights like H.E.R, Ella Mai and frequent collaborator and ‘brother’, Skepta and exploring his old soul by kicking back senior citizen style to jam spiritual raggae with Jr Gong himself, Damian Marley. This he does while hosting the popping new kids on the Nigerian block: Tems, Terri and Jamaican newbie, Projexx, a valid endorsement for their promising catalogues.

One move that seals the project and lends it its cohesive flow is his clever choice of producers. Starboy employs the award-winning P2J as executive producer as well as other hood family acts like Sarz, Blaqjerzee, Mut4y and balances it up with British composers like Juls and Kill September. This cross country family affair births 14 solid tracks that have inspired ecstasy for the notoriously versatile Afro sound and how far it can be pushed, bent or merged to create nothing but magic.

However, some Twitter critics have maintained that while the album is titled Made In Lagos, it is regrettably not made for Lagos. With honey tracks like Sweet One which serves as a perfect play for a sunday evening stroll to one of the many beaches in Lagos and the enchanting, alté raggae merge that is True Love, a fitting dance ballad for a light intimate session with a lover on a beach house balcony over looking the waves, it is hard to understand where that take comes from. You can almost picture a dimly lit beer parlor complete with its regular cast and crew, spirited drinks exchanging hands and the Terri contribution, Roma, playing softly in the ambience while steaming pepper soup fingers your nostrils and lifts your spirits.

The album has been aptly described by its listeners as “rich people music”. Not a lie at all. To create this empowering effect, the creator employs his signature lush velvet saxo that lends an easy air of affluence to the songs and we all know that if it’s one thing about affluence, it is that it’s certainly not for everyone. You can feel this on the spiritually charged Blessed, where Damian Marley breezily samples his unique wealth (of experience) as he explores the unbeatable knowledge of self, the joys of fatherhood, a burning passion to do better and of course, great gratitude to be able to live this life.

This vibe runs over to the next track, Smile, a guaranteed anthem for positive vibrations while acknowledging life’s battle throughout the years. Smile comes from a place of relaxed reflections which ultimately leads to unconditional acceptance and gratitude for where you are right now. Clocking 30 this year, the track is dedicated to his three beautiful kids. Some might call it a simple dad move but followers of his journey especially his controversial fatherhood would agree that this is his own way of owning his shit loudly. Took him long enough but we’re glad he’s finally there.

With #MadeInLagos, Wizkid popularizes his signature effortless approach to everything. Usually mistaken for lazy, this style champions the less is more mantra and places strategy/smart work above hard work. From the second album cover which features a muted color palette that instinctively creates a warm sensation that somehow makes you want more than you’re seeing, to his cool and cohesive execution on an intro track ironically titled Reckless, he seems to never lose his chill and still manages to make several points throughout the album.

Infact, it is because of how relaxed he sounds that makes his lyrics more believable. No Stress isn’t just the second promotional single off the project, it’s actually a perpetual state of mind for the entertainer. He coyly samples the Lagos struggle while reminding us why we’re struggling in the first place. Why are women selling ‘cold mineral, cold pure water’ under the hot sun in the first place? Fela’s “suffering and smiling” is remixed to sound like: “say the people dey suffer but they smile for face but if Starboy talk Dem say Starboy craze” on Grace. Even dragging Nigerians and their government is done in the most chill way possible. No stress indeed.

For where Afropop is right now, an album like #MadeInLagos is nothing but a cheat code to the cutthroat game. It might feel so fresh and irresistible right now but we all know good music ages like fine wine and only gets better with time. The days are coming when we’d listen to it in time capsule style and the sonic wave will hit us a bit harder than it does now. When its true essence would make us smile. But for now we enjoy, we gyrate and we stream the project on every platform as we all beam with pride to be from the city that never sleeps.

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