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Tiv/Jukun Crisis: 22 Feared Killed in Fresh Attacks in Wukari



At least 22 persons are feared killed in fresh attacks between ethnic Jukun and Tiv communities of Wukari local government area in southern Taraba State, residents and local officials have said.

The two communities have been at war in the last three weeks, resulting in the loss of lives and property.

Witnesses said a Tiv militia stormed Wukari’s suburbs around 7 p.m on Friday.

A resident, Bwacha David, said the attackers who were over 200 caught the villagers unaware.

Mr David said the attackers set many houses on fire. ‘’They killed more than 10 persons and burnt many houses,” he said.

The chairman of the local government, Adi Daniel, confirmed the attack.

“We just woke up with another fresh attack by suspected Tiv militias who struck at the suburbs of Wukari. We are being provoked now to retaliate because we cannot keep silent while people continue to attack us.

‘’This is the eighth attack on us by Tiv militias in the recent time. Over 22 people were killed and we didn’t kill even an insect.

“And today’s attack is coming after last Monday’s peace meeting,’’ the local government boss said.

However, Orbee Uchiv, a Tiv leader, alleged that Jukun militia first attacked the Tiv.

“On Monday, the Deputy Governors of Taraba and Benue met together with the Aku Uka and Tor Tiv. The political and traditional leaders sued for peace.

“Unfortunately, in the wee hours of Tuesday, Vaase, a border town was attacked and more than seven people were killed again. On the night of Wednesday, Tse Kaakigh village was completely razed. The security agencies visited the place to assess the level of destruction.

“Last night, Ikyaior village came under attack. In all these attacks, it was claimed the Fulani were the ones attacking the Tiv. We are confused.

“Just yesterday, they (Jukuns) killed a nursing mother at the suburb of Wukari and we are being pushed to the wall.

“The Federal government should urgently step in to restore peace,’’ he said.

Police spokesperson in the state, David Misal, confirmed the attacks but could not give details.

“I was called by some residents and informed me about the attack. But I am yet to be briefed by the DPO or area command, so I cannot speak on the casualties, and presently I am in church for Easter,” Mr Misal said.

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The Power of Planning: Authentic Strategy for Delivery of Possibilities (Part 2)



By Tolulope A. Adegoke


‘You must:

Permit to perform by planning well; perform to perfect by training well

Lean on knowledge, from it you may find wisdom.

Acquire skills for accessing and actualizing desired intentions or goals.

Never ever relent following the above steps over and over again!

True VISION exposes, then empowers our individual or corporate MISSIONs. There will be no fulfilment of mission(s) without effective planning. It is an effective plan that compels you to sit well (that is, to study well and strategise properly). If you do not sit well, you will never ever discover or unlock a passion (solution) to pass on and on (that is, to solving challenges or problems) unto the next generations- this, will not only grant you prosperity but also posterity! For without effective planning, there will be nothing of such values for all-round IMPACTS! Planning is an intentional and strategic order, through which principles are discovered, from which possibilities are birthed to solving individual, corporate and national challenges in a bid to hand over a better world unto coming generation(s)’

Tolulope A. Adegoke


Effective planning is the key to success. It is revealed in Proverbs 24:3-4 (NKJV) that: ‘through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.’ This means that, every enterprise is built on wise planning, it becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.

Luke 14:28 further reveals that: ‘For which of you, intending to build a tower sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?’ So, for any serious building to be built, there must be effective planning through blueprints, calculations (that is, Engineers has to work on blueprints and calculations, the same goes for quantity survivors before they start construction at all). Jesus Christ said, before you can live a meaningful life, you must sit down first!

In the University, when you sit for an examination and fail, you will need to re-sit, that means you didn’t sit well for the examination at first! Sitting means planning, while sitting well means planning well!

Most students fail exams in the first place because they didn’t plan well, no definite plans on the grades you intend to get! Common sense tells you to find what works for you, and work on that which works! Those who have flights planned flying higher. Therefore, your goals must be simple as letters A, B and C, which can be described as:

Attainable, accessible, Actual (that is, specific).

Believable, bold (that is seeable, firm)

Creative, concrete.

I can vividly remember at a time (years ago) when one of my revered mentors from the United States requested that I send him synopsis about myself, which includes my plans for the next five to ten years. Though I knew that I needed and wanted to succeed big time, yet I could not write it plain on black and white; I knew I craved to impart lives globally, but I didn’t know what mental or social structures needed to put in place… I was like dynamite wanting and waiting to explode but didn’t know how to. So, I wrote so many pieces of stuff down and forwarded it to him (I guess he’s busy laughing out loud as he’s reading this piece of mine right now). I thought within me that, anyone reading this synopsis would at least, by themselves deduce facts from the many words I have engaged to describe my desires and intentions for the future. In truth, as at then, I didn’t really have the understanding of the formulas A, B and C. My revered mentor later responded with a phone call, in his enchanting and some-how intimidating baritone: ‘Adegoke, you need to make your plans for the future so plain and simple enough such that it will be clear enough to make the race as simple as A, B and C!’ yes sir, I responded timidly. Do you meditate at all? Yes, sir, but not all always, sir. I responded as swiftly as I could. Alright, anyone one who desires to soar must first sit well, seek solitude in order to visit the industrial giant within, the dialogue to with him and discover who and what stuff he has been created for. Whatever answers you receive in such processes must be written in very plain language. Seek answers, find the way, and knock the shut doors you desire through thinking and meditative prayers…this will give you enough substance or capacity to have and make bold plans without missing the right words to describing who you are and what purposes you have been created to fulfil. Is that clear? He uttered firmly. Yes, sir. Very clear, I responded. It was then I realized the Power of Silence in Solitude… it was then that I started developing a firm relationship and became a better friend with the Holy Spirit-Who has been patiently craving for my full attention, just to help me out with my destiny! It was then I understood the awakening of the giant within. It was then I was able to conquer many battles of the mind. I started arriving at the sublime state, such that I understood well that God is always ready to respond to our many requests, and help us with strategies through the mediums of humility that breeds inspirations, to the point of revelations, later to illuminations, then we could advance to creativities at Divine speed. But of what use is speed without direction?

Many people today crave to have speed in their daily dealings, yet forgets to deploy the tools of strategies which could only be powered by sitting down well, humbly- focusing on the Maker, aligning with Him to discovering deep things secrets that your parents, teachers and role models cannot even dare teach you. Not until you sit well, to plan well, you will never discover a passion (that solves problems) to pass on unto the next generation that delivers not just prosperity but posterity!

Fine-tune your mind into the divine frequency to align with your Maker, therein lies the guide to your destiny by the leading of the Word (Scriptures). Meditation on the Word of God powers your vision as revealed in Joshua 1:8. It enables you to see beyond Academics; therein you have access to ‘revelational’ knowledge to solving issues beyond mortal reasoning, and becoming a blessing! You become a god over specific challenges or problems; you become an answer to the prayers of a majority! You become a dream come true.

Back to the above subject, your goals or dreams must be ‘Achievable’, realistic and also accessible in your vision- it must not just be a dream you have never pictured within you. You can only feature in the future that you have pictured within you!

Your dreams must also be ‘Believable’ by you! And to others at least to a reasonable extent. It must be goals that will make the blood run in your veins, which is an indication that you so much believe in it, even if there are oppositions and both ugly and beautiful distractions on your paths.

Lastly, your dreams must be ‘Concrete’- your goals must be rock-solid (that is, it must carry weight and must scare you). If your dreams do not scare you, then it is not a dream! And despite the fact that it is very scary, you must believe in what Ephesians 3: 20 (KJV)says ‘Now unto him that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly and above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.’ That means the power that works within us must be powered or propelled by FAITH! This is where the power of FAITH comes to play; your faith must work; it must align with your dreams!


(To be continued…)


Tolulope A. Adegoke is an acclaimed “globalpreneur”, with the mandate to enrich lives and provide the professional, spiritual, academic and leadership empowerment needed to birth, maximize and sustain possibilities in peoples, corporates and nations. He is a prolific writer, frequent keynote speaker and spoken word poet, among others, having written countless articles in diverse reputable fields and honoured many public invitations. Tolulope is the privileged Founder/ President, TheGlobalSTAGEImpacts (GSI) – wired for delivering possibilities. He is the Founder and Chief Editor, Your Online Celebrity Exhibition Magazine (YOCEM) – a global online platform wired for the continuous showcasing of natural talents, skills and businesses of individuals and corporates. He is the CEO, Beyond Media Consults. He is also a Senior Administrator.




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Marginalisation: Igbo Take Case to United Nations



Nigerians of Igbo extraction yesterday took the case of marginalisation and exclusion allegedly orchestrated against them by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to the United Nations (UN).

The group urged world powers to mount pressure on President Buhari to re-write the wrongs meted against the Igbo ethnic nationality, alleging that there was a grand plot to deny the South East the nation’s presidency in 2023.

A Coalition of Southeast Civil Society Activists and Human Rights Defenders, stated this at a media briefing in Enugu, adding that they were moved to alert the world body on Ndigbo situation since the Buhari administration commenced, insisting that the unfair treatment had continued to increase daily.

A letter of protest alleging marginalisation of Ndigbo was addressed to the Coordinator, Indigenous Peoples, and Minority Section, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

It was titled, “Protest Against Provocative Exclusion and Orchestrated Reduction of Ndigbo to Second Class Citizens in Nigeria: A Call to World Powers to Mount Constructive Pressure on President Buhari to Re-write the Wrongs Meted Out Against the Igbo Ethnic Nationality,” and dated September 9, 2019.

Also copied were embassies of the United States of America, Canada, France, Germany, British High Commission and Delegation of European Union to Nigeria and ECOWAS in Abuja.

National Convener of the group, Ibuchukwu Ezike, and Secretary-General of Igbo Civil Society Coalition, Dr. Jasper Uche, among others listed the alleged infractions in lopsided appointment of security chiefs; infrastructure deficit including roads, railway, and seaports.

They also listed unfavourable allocations from the Federal Government; closure of Akanu Ibiam International Airport without contract and concentration of interventions of development partners in the North.

Others are exclusion from the commanding heights of the nation’s economy; delay in the passage of southeast Development Commission Bill; politicisation of terrorist designation and flying the kite of the 2023 presidency.

They asked the UN for active engagement and diplomatic pressures on President Buhari to address the principle of federal character in the distribution of public goods and appointive positions, especially security chiefs.

Ezike stated that addressing the lopsided appointments of security chiefs was paramount due to increasing insecurity in the South East region, stressing: “A decision may be taken one day to eliminate all Igbo without their knowledge due to lack of representation.”

They sought sustained pressure on the President to send an executive bill to the National Assembly for the creation of one additional state in the South East, to be at par with other zones as well as mobilisation of resources to ensure speedy completion of the Enugu Airport rehabilitation and expansion before the Christmas season, among other demands.

The Guardian

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The Power of Planning: Authentic Strategy for Delivery of Possibilities (Part 1)



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

‘Planning is winning, just as breathing is living. Those who do not seat to study today should not expect to become Masters tomorrow. So, seat on your job; never depend on father’s inheritance or you offer yourself over to poverty. Your Work is what determines your WORTH, not what people think about you.’ – Bishop David O. Oyedepo

Planning is so vital to any man’s life and as well to any business endeavours. It is planning that gives value to PURPOSE. Purpose is dead without a PLAN.

It is planning that empowers PURPOSE to deliver. Purpose is impotent without a PLAN!

A farmer that does not plan will be a failure, because in farming endeavours, you need to plan your planting season, the various operations before and after the planting season otherwise, you will just be doing everything b anyhow (that is without a guide), then end up in frustration. Apostle Paul in the Scripture said, ‘I have watered, Apollo watered, but God brings the INCREASE!

There must be planting PLAN in place. If you want the best out of it, you must as well engage in the Watering Plan to be sure that in case the rain fail, you will be sure that there is a way to get water to your plants in case the rain fails, so you can get your harvest.

Every building begins with a plan; you need a plan for any building of any value. Any building that holds any value requires a plan. The construction of any great building requires a plan. Hebrews 3:4 reveals that ‘For every house is built by some men, but he that built all things is God.’

Sometimes, we hear people say, we have built this business- this connotes that a business is also in form of a buildings, and it requires a plan (that is, a business plan). There must be a plan!

A Management theory was postulated by Bishop David Oyedepo, that: ‘You do not grow big to manage well, but you manage well to grow big.’ So businesses that will be big tomorrow will be seen today through the quality of the structural plan that is engaged. You get to know a better tomorrow right from today.

Most businesses today are victims of lack of plan or poor planning. There is no differentiating procedure between the Capital and the Income (Profit), because everything had been mobbed together, thinking that by the time their investment becomes bigger, they would be able to organize their business formats (proceeds).

“You do not need to have an account to be accountable! You only need strategic plannings to maximize your business endeavours. If you are not futuristic in your approach, you cannot earn a future!’- Bishop David Oyedepo

This isn’t about mere planning, but making futuristic planning. It is good management culture that guarantees good results. Whatever farm that is not properly managed is bound to fail; the quality of seed notwithstanding. Good management is key to the good fruit yielding capacity of any farm. The quality of management is what determines the quality of results. Therefore, management skill is key to determining the level of results that any organization could ever command. Just as you are aware that life not well managed will be wasted; time not well managed will be wasted; energy not well managed will be wasted. So, everything that is to grow must be well managed. Praying without planning is playing without knowing; and planning without programing is like playing in the woods (that is, lost in the wilderness); And programing without pursuit is like dinning with the dead. That is why it is said repeatedly that EXPLOIT is EXPENSIVE! So, from Purpose you must move into PLANNING, and from Planning, you section your PLANS into TIME-SLOTS and then, to SET GOALS! And them, the Pursuit begins- It is a POWER CYCLE!


You must continue the above processes till you draw your last breath. Prayer alone (I think) will make you a burden to God; it is Prayer with Planning that makes you a co-labourer with God. Your daily ‘give-me’ prayers bores God, but when you engage in planning with your prayers, you become co-labourer with God.

Proverbs 24:3-5 (KJV) reveals that: ‘Through wisdom a house is built, and by understanding, it is filled with all manner of precious and pleasant riches.’

Amplified Version reveals: ‘Every enterprise is built by wise planning, and becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully, extra-ordinarily by keeping abreast of the facts.’

The future of every business (enterprise), therefore is at the mercy of very wise planning and a Common-sense Execution Programme of the plan, engaging all available facts. The above defines planning in our various business or daily endeavours.

Every enterprise is built by wise planning, it becomes better through the use of Common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. That is why it is needful to always consult resource materials in your facts hunting crave; and from there you are able to locate facts, relevant for your planning processes. It is the facts at your disposal that determines the quality of your planning process. When you give your house to an unprofessional, you should not expect the same result you would get from professional architect. Because of the facts available to at his disposal would know that needs to allow natural lightening to every space, he needs to mind ventilation at all cost, also, he will not be pushed by the clients to deliver unprofessionally, due to the fact that his reputation is at stake. So, it is your intellectual capacity, through consistent access to facts that determines the quality of your plan.

The Book of Proverbs 15:22 reveals that: ‘You need INSIGHTS for your Purposes not to be disappointed!

Counsel is the process of knowing the way to go, having clarity and intelligent path towards accomplishing your set-goal. Only those who take time to seat well and strategize today would shine tomorrow. Proverbs 19:21 further reveals that: ‘Where there is no planning, purpose is bound to be defeated. Failing to plan is simply planning to fail! The goal of any business will remain unattainable without strategic planning. Dreams are aborted without planning!

Planning is the secret behind the fulfilment of dreams, therefore, of a truth, strategic planning is winning; it is the Master-key to enviable accomplishments.



A lot of people dabble into businesses without having prior knowledge of any management principles. The anointing gets wasted because there is no way to collate the output of the anointing. It is like having a drum full of petrol and you have and you have a hole porched in it; it is a matter of time before you know it the petrol would have dripped off via the hole drained. Planning therefore, is the cheapest way to avert wastage!

Energy, Time, Unction can all be wasted when there is no proper plan in place. So, planning is a way of conserving energy. Planning reliefs you of tensions. It is planning that empowers PURPOSE for very gallant delivery.

  • Planning is the design of a step by step approach to accomplishing a set-goal.
  • It is the ordering of one’s priority in a bid to accomplishing given task.
  • It is a process of action in a quest to fulfil a dream, that is, you seat down to design a set of activities that will help you to accomplish a given task. You have to sit down to do it.

No one succeed by accident. It’s been said by somebody that Success is a matter of luck, as any failure. Why are some people said to be lucky? It is because they have a sharper plan. Shallow men think of luck, but great men think of cause and effect. Zig-Ziglar said: ‘any dummy can succeed, if he cares to know what it takes.’ Therefore, it takes sound planning to make a success of your business endeavours.



If you want a great product, you must understand the best raw materials for it.

What is that makes a great plan?

To answer the above, we must understand the best raw materials for what makes great plan. We must understand that no one reigns without the use of the brain. It is the use of the brain that establishes the reign of a man.

Every gain is a result of the use of the brain. It is the use of the senses that makes a star. If planning is designing a logical and rational approach towards accomplishing a given task or a goal, then we can tell what the raw materials are. It is THINKING or REASONING!

Reasoning is the principal raw material for very sound planning. And to reason, is to engage in the task of logical, rational and analytical thinking.

Every great planner, must be a great thinker. It is great thinking that makes great planning, because the principal raw materials required for sound planning is REASONING (that is, Strategic Thinking).

Adegoke, CEO of Beyond Media Consults, is a writer, keynote speaker, and poet. He has a wealth of countless articles. He can be reached on 08065088631 or

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