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Food for Living: Possess Your Possession



By Henry Ukazu

Greetings Destiny Friends,

We all have one form of possession or another. Possession comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. It means different things to different people. To some it mean wealth, affluence, power, while to some others, it means academic honours, skills, talent, blessings or even material things. Possessing your possession can mean different things for different people. In todays’ article, we shall be discussing the topic from an empowerment point of view.

As human beings, we all have one possession which endears or attracts us to friends, family members, associates, business partners and clergy. Your possession can be safely regarded as your gift or talents. In understanding your gifts/talents, the first thing you need to pay close attention to is what makes you unique. There’s something unique about every creature; it can be your voice, the way you speak, walk, write, or manner of approach or communication. The problem is sometimes we don’t see or even know what we have within us. If only we know the level, quality and quantity of untapped skills in our possession, begging to be explored, we’ll literally be walking with our shoulders high. It is instructive to note that our possessions are like gifts which most times we fail to open.

According to some schools of thought, the day you discover your skill, that’s the day you become a millionaire. Once you know yourself and discover your talent, there’s hardly any challenge relating to your field you won’t be able to solve. It’s a well-established fact that every problem has a corresponding solution. The principal reason most people fail in solving a problem is simply because the right person with the solution hasn’t arrived. It is just like trying to solve a mathematical problem and you don’t know the formula; you’ll definitely have a hard time getting the right answer. It’s just like trying to open a door with a wrong set of keys. Of course, the door won’t open unless you have the right keys. That’s principally how hard work works, but when you work smart by knowing what’s unique about you, you’ll literally achieve success with relative ease. This is simply because you know what you possess internally.

Possessing your possession entails that you take ownership and destiny of your life into your own hands. The question now becomes how do you take possession of your life? The simplest way of taking possession of your life is by asking yourself ‘what do I want?’ ‘Who am l?’ ‘What are my skills, gifts, talents and academic qualifications?’ These are some of the ideas on how you can embark on this transformative lifestyle.

If you truly know who you are and what you possess, you won’t allow anyone to take you for granted. If you truly know yourself, you won’t talk nor express yourself too much. You’ll have a certain level of confidence. The challenge most of us have is that we are too busy looking for what we lack instead of appreciating what we have. In addition to that, sometimes, we spend a considerable amount of time appreciating what other people have instead of appreciating what we have. It should be noted that it is because the philosopher was too busy to see what’s ahead of him that he failed to see the ditch in front of him, and he fell into it.

Most people look for jobs, opportunities and solutions to some of the world’s problems but fail to remember that if they take the same considerable amount of time to study who they are in addition to practicing what scares them, they are likely going to provide the solutions to the problem. Your success is already waiting for you to possess it. There are blessings, opportunities waiting for you, all you need is to activate the button inside of you. Today, I urge you to look inwards, and have the boldness to dare to succeed. Nobody can save you more than you can save yourself. Have the boldness to go after your heart desire.

As a progressive being, you’re literally in charge of your life. Imagine having a house and being treated as a stranger/visitor in your house. It’s really disheartening to say the least. I charge you to possess what is already yours. When you possess your possession, you’ll discover that your name is associated with huge favours, which have an effect of following you wherever you go. That’s simply how your blessings and talents follow you if only you know to activate what you possess inside of you.

In conclusion, I charge you to activate the call within you by thinking and talking into your life, and commanding it to attract universal blessing. You can only do this if you walk the talk of possessing your possession.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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Kila Inaugurates YWC Global Library Project Committee, Calls for Participation



In a bid to preserve and promote Yoruba culture, the Yoruba World Congress (YWC), led by emeritus professor and leader, Banji Akintoye, has unveiled plans for the YWC Global Library.

In unveiling the project, the YWC Secretary General, Prof Anthony Kila explained that the YWC Global Library will have two parts: Brick and Mortar Libraries in various parts of the world starting from Ibadan and Lagos and the Digital Library that everyone anywhere in the world can access and at any time.

To manage the project, the YWC has put together a team of experts who are academics, IT practitioners, education managers and lovers of Yoruba culture.
The project will be led by a steering committee to be chaired Prof Ajayi-Soyinka and with Dr Pat Akinbola (Secretary) Princess Olayinka Adebayo, Mr Babafemi Odutayo (Esq) Dr Sunkanmi Odejide and Mr Luke Tikare

In his address to steering the committee, Prof Anthony Kila stated that our lofty aims include conserving and promoting Yoruba arts, language, history, cosmogony, literature etc. This project will help put Yoruba people and culture on the world map and also put libraries in our peoples mind.

Prof Kila also noted that to make the YWC Global Library a success, all hands must be on deck and asked all Yoruba people come up with what they can offer the project. “We shall be need Suggestion of list of books, Journals Art Work etc., Ideas on how to maintain the best Yoruba library in the world, Donation of books (new and old), journals, art work and Donation of Funds.

To Participate and Donate to the YWC Global Library Project, all are urged to visit the website

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WAEC to Release Fresh 2020 WASSCE Timetable



The West African Examination Council is set to release a fresh timetable for the 2020 West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

This followed an announcement by the Federal Government that the examination would commence from August 4 through September 5.

Speaking at a Presidential Task Force Briefing on COVID-19 in Abuja on Monday, the Minister of State for Education, Emeka Nwajiuba, said school facilities would be made available for revision classes ahead of the examination.

Nwajiuba advised parents to take note of the date, noting that “as soon as we conclude WAEC, we will take up the NABTEB and NECO exams.”

He added, “The idea is that we have a month from now till then. Those who can and those who are willing, the states who are willing should make their schools available for their children to revise.

“We’ve done the most we can to talk with our representatives at WAEC and this (Monday) afternoon, we confirmed dates allotted for the exams will be from the 4th of August through to the 5th of September. “Local timings will be published.”

The minister, therefore, urged all candidates to start preparing for the examination, saying, “We will be asking that those who are not prepared yet should please go and prepare.

Subsequently, WAEC Nigeria stated via its Twitter handle, “The Head of the Nigeria National Office of WAEC, Mr Patrick Ehidiamen Areghan will address the Press tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. #StayTuned #WASSCE2020 #Timetable”

Also, speaking in a telephone interview with The PUNCH on Tuesday morning, the Head, WAEC Public Affairs, Mr Damian Ojijeogu, said Ehidiamen would address a number of issues regarding the 2020 WASSCE.

He said aside from the timetable, health and safety guidelines would be issued including the mandatory use of face masks for all candidates, temperature checks, use of sanitisers, amongst others.

The Punch

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Ondo Ex-SSG Vows to Work Against Akeredolu’s Reelection



A few hours after the resignation of Mr Sunday Abegunde, as Secretary to the Ondo State Government, the governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, appointed Mr Tayo Oluwatuyi, as replacement.

Akeredolu announced Oluwatuyi at the weekly media briefing in Akure, the state capital on Monday.

Abegunde had resigned through a letter which partly read, “I, Hon. Ifedayo Sunday Abegunde, the Secretary to the State Government of Ondo State hereby tender my letter of resignation.

“I want to thank Mr Governor for giving me the opportunity to serve the Government and people of Ondo State.”

However, Abegunde later granted an interview in Yoruba language on Crest FM, during which he said he resigned from office because of the ill-treatment meted out to him by the governor.

He said, “I suffered in his (Akeredolu) administration because he didn’t release any fund to my office. He has been telling lies that he was giving me N5m every month even when he knew he didn’t give me such money.

“Akeredolu didn’t win the election in 2016 but we made it possible for him to become governor. We were the pillars behind him and we will not support him again. He will lose this time around.”

Abegunde, a two-term member of the House of Representatives further said that he resigned because he could no longer be part of a government that made its subjects to pass through hardship.

He said, “The Akeredolu’s administration is making the entire people of the state to suffer and I cannot be part of that any longer. ”

In his reaction, Ondo State Commissioner, Mr Donald Ojogo, said, “We make bold to say that there can’t be a better reaction than the fact that the man talking has since been replaced with immediate effect. This means he has not been missed and shall not be missed at all. So we wont join issues with the former SSG.”

The Punch

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