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Food for Living: The Power of Vision



By Henry Ukazu

Dear Destiny Friends,

Vision is the ability of the eye to see everything. Vision is the ability of the mind to project sterner future achievements. Vision is everything in the school of success.

When you hear vision, different thoughts come to mind. Vision could mean a lot of things to different people.

Depending on your industry and understanding, you might have a different interpretation of the word vision. If you are a student, professional, politician, mentee/apprentice, or even clergy, vision will definitely mean a different thing to you. To some people, vision means the future, hope, aspiration or even desire.

As human beings, we all have a vision. Provided you have principles guiding you, provided you make choice, provided you make a decision of who will be your friend, what food you eat, major to study, job to apply for, or a particular lifestyle you will like to live, you have a vision.

When you lack vision, you will be tossed around like a wind. It is because of lack of vision many men and ladies settle with a partner that doesn’t align with their core values, and you wonder why marriages crash easily.

If you are asked what your vision is, what is likely going to be your response? Before you answer the question, think through what change and purpose you have in mind. To understand the contextual meaning of purpose, look at a cooperate organization’s mission and vision statement. You will discover they have different meanings. While the mission is the vehicle to achieve their goals, vision on the other hand is the purpose or ultimate target the company has set for itself.

Personally, my vision in life is to inspire and transform human lives to achieve their highest human potential. Daily, I see human beings complaining of not having enough resources to sustain their numerous needs. This set of people have the scarcity mindset as opposed to the abundance mindset. As a coach, my work is to help them elevate their game by elevating their limiting mindset to a winning mindset. I do this with a comprehensive leadership manual.

It’s quite unfortunate many of us don’t have a vision, we just live through life with the hope life will align with us. It’s instructive to note that you can’t build something on nothing. Your vision can be regarded as your perspective and gateway to life. To understand how vision works, you need to develop a thought or desire of being a Professor, President, Governor, Coach, or have the intention of building a house, buying a car, etc. It’s as simple as that. The thought alone is a vision because it came to you, nobody gave it to you, and again, it is a projection into the future.

When you have a feeling, sit down and think it through, it can be God speaking to you. The creator can give you certain thoughts and when the thought comes, refuse to share it with everyone, if possible, keep it to yourself. If God wanted anyone to know, he would have revealed it to that person. Your vision starts with your imagination. Your mind is powerful more than you can imagine. If you have an imagination, put in the work.  If you have a vision, make a conscious choice to follow it through. That is why the dreams of great people are always more than them, and they are not afraid to dare to succeed.

When you put your vision to work, the universe has a way of connecting you with the right people and organizations who share similar values and aspirations. Your vision is your life. Vision gives you clarity in life. It gives you a sense of direction. It aligns you with the right people and organizations who share similar values. Any human being without vision is like a ship without a compass. Vision is literally priceless because it inspires creativity, ignites purpose, innovation, and fosters growth.

The vision of a company is a blueprint of what a company represents. It embodies the core values upon which the foundation of that and every organization is built upon. Just like a house cannot be built without a foundation, a company cannot be sustained without vision

When you have a clear vision of what you want from life, you will be intentional in what you do. A clear vision increases your level of creativity and productivity. If you have a clear vision that is backed by courage, and pursued relentlessly, your chances of succeeding will be high.

In conclusion, I will ask you, do you have a vision for your life? Do you have a dream you will like to accomplish? If yes, do you have a master plan of achieving it? If yes, how are you working towards it and what are you doing daily to achieve it?

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He’s a Human Capacity & mindset coach. He’s also a  public speaker. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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LSSTF’s Balogun Tours EPAIL Facility, Commends Management for Contributions to Security



The Executive Secretary/CEO of the Lagos State Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), Dr. Abdurrazaq Balogun, has paid a visit to the Equipment and Protective Applications International Limited (EPAIL) mega factory, with the Chairman/CEO of EPAIL expressing delight at the Fund’s visit while conducting his guest on a tour of the facility.

During the visit, the ES witnessed the production of security equipment such as armored hard body for vehicles, ballistic plates, helmets, vests, etc. from scratch using locally sourced materials. A test was also conducted on one of the locally made crowd dispersal water cannon and other crowd control equipment.

Speaking on the visit, Balogun said: “The security challenges in the state continue to increase as a result of the harsh economic situation in the country hence the visitation which was in furtherance of the Fund’s commitment to continue to source for and provide the required equipment and home grown state of the art security gadgets and technological solutions that meet international standards, fit for our terrain and useable by security agencies to combat crime in the State.”

The LSSTF CEO also commended EPAIL Nigeria for its outstanding work and contributions in the area of security, noting that “The importance of a strong and formidable security outfit cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the hallmarks of a thriving society.  As we approach the 2023 general elections, it is critical that we strengthen our security agencies to enable them proactively combat crime and maintain law and order in the State, therefore we call on our donors to do more by way of contributions in cash or kind to the Fund towards improved security in the State in our collective self-interest”.

Subsequently, the Chairman of EPAIL thanked the Executive Secretary of the Fund for his visit and pledged his continuous support to the Fund.

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Many Feared Killed As Explosion Rocks Kano



Many are feared dead after an explosion on Aba Road in the Sabon Gari area of Kano State.

While details of the blast are still sketchy as of the time of filing this report, visuals from the scene showed that many buildings, one of which is suspected to house a primary school, were affected.

One of the videos that surfaced online also showed injured schoolchildren being moved from the scene of the incident.

Parents were also searching for their children.

One of them was heard shouting “my children”.

Meanwhile, the Kano State Commissioner of Police, Sama’ila Dikko, has clarified that gas and not a bomb exploded in the state on Tuesday morning. He made the clarification during his visit to the scene of the incident.

Dikko, who spoke in Hausa, also confirmed that four persons were dead.

The Punch

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News of Closure of Ogui, Trans-Ekulu Stations Fake – Enugu Police



The Enugu State Police Command has said that the news making the rounds in the closure of Ogui and Trans-Ekulu police stations is fake, urging the public the disregard the false publication.

A statement by the Command’s PPRO, ASP Daniel Ndukwe, and made available to the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP), quoted the Commissioner of Police, Abubakar Lawal as describing the story as not just unfounded, and a figment of the publisher’s imagination, but also a misinformation targeted at creating panic among peace loving citizens of Enugu State.

The statement also expressed the CP’s resolve to continue to “deliver the statutory mandates of the Nigeria Police Force in the State, including ensuring that Police Stations remain opened to members of the public and maintain robust crime detection/prevention patrols and visibility policing of their assigned areas of responsibilities.”

CP Lawal therefore, urged the “general public and residents of Enugu State in particular, to disregard such untrue publications and continue to promptly report security situations and criminal activities to Police Stations nearest to them, noting that Police Stations in the State remain open to the general public on a twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week (24/7) basis.”

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