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I Was Once Under Pressure to marry chioma, Davido Reveals



Award-winning Nigerian musician, Davido has opened up on the challenges he faced after making his relationship with his fiancée, Chioma public.

According to the father of three, bringing his relationship with Chioma to the limelight had an adverse effect on their affair, as everyone was in their business.

He further revealed that at some point, after his relationship became public through one of his music videos, ‘Assurance’, he was pressured to officially do the wedding.

Davido who made this revelation in a recent interview with Ndani TV said:-

“After the Assurance video, Chioma received hate messages from people. Her parents even got hateful messages.

“It affected our relationship too. Chioma went from being a private person. It affected our relationship a lot then I realized people don’t like something good.

“We started having issues at some point and we decided not to tell anyone anything about us, that’s was when I decided to go offline for a while

“Before Assurance video, our relationship was so good. The dynamics between us changed after our relationship became Public. It was like everybody’s relationship and business.

“I felt pressured at some point to officially do the wedding but now I don’t. At the end of the day it’s between both of us and our families.”

When asked if they would still get married, Davido affirmed that but said it’s not the right time.

According to him:-

“We would get married but not now. We are trying to make the foundation solid and I’m so happy now that Chioma is focused on making money.

“We are not riding on the wave that people want this for us.”


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You’re Dumb If You Shame Those Who Do Honest Hard Work – Simi



Singer-songwriter, Simisola Ogunleye, alias Simi has come for those who see nothing wrong in shaming poor people who work hard to make a living.

The mother of one took to her Twitter page on Thursday to share that people who shame others who work hard for their money are actually broke but would rather ignore that just to mock hardworking people.

According to the award-winning Afro-pop star, people who do that are very dumb.

‘‘If you shame people for doing honest, hard work to eat, talmbout “they are peasants”, you dumb. Meanwhile you broke. Broke and proud and loud af in ur dirty briefs”, she tweeted.

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Actress Appears in Public in Transparent Dress, Lambast Fan



Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo has found time to reply to a troll who criticized her for wearing a see-through outfit.

The movie star had shared a photo of herself in a lovely animal print see-through gown on her Instagram page.

A troll who saw the picture and felt like dropping a piece of unsolicited advice in her comments section told the actress to stop wearing such clothes because she has passed the stage of posting such photos.

‘‘Must you… u don pass this kind pix na”

The actress then simply replied that the follower is not okay.

”u are not ok’‘, she wrote.

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‘My Sugar Mummy Only Calls Me When She Wants Sex’



Nigerian Singer, Joeboy has opened up on his relationship status and revealed that he has a sugar mama.

While a lot of artists avoid answering questions on their relationship life, Joeboy however, wasn’t shy about sharing details about it.

In a recent interview on BeatFM, the singer revealed that he is Single but not searching as he has a lot of female friends.

He also revealed that he has a sugar mommy and she inspired the “Sugar mama” off his recent album, “Somewhere Between Beauty and Magic“.

When asked about the sugar mommy’s identity, he refused to mention her name. He also said their relationship was Okay.

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