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MORAN, PMAN Condemn Intimidation of COSON by NCC, Urge DG to End Conflict



Music Label Owners & Recording Industries Association of Nigeria (MORAN) has joined the Performing Musicians Employers’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN), South-East zone, to ask the Director General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), Mr. John Asein, to quickly end the protracted conflict between the NCC and Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON).

In a letter to the NCC DG, copied COSON and several senior government officials and signed by MORAN’s National President, Mr. Calistus Okeke, MORAN was quoted as follows:

“When in January 2019, it was announced that you had been appointed the new Director-General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, many of us in MORAN heaved a sigh of relief. We believed that as a result of your appointment, the NCC will be repositioned and that the commission would move away from the unproductive combativeness of your predecessor, Mr. Afam Ezekude. We have indeed looked forward to a concerted effort by you to close ranks with the key partners of the NCC so as to rebuild the copyright system in the country.

“The NCC cannot have any stronger partner than Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) to which most members of MORAN belong and of which members of MORAN are proud. There cannot be any doubt that COSON is the one shining example that the copyright system in Nigeria can work. It is the window of the Nigerian copyright system to the world.

“At MORAN, we believe that you have the skills to end the war which broke out between the NCC and COSON over the attempted insurgency against the leadership of COSON in 2017. We are shocked that the NCC has continued to follow the lead of those of its officers who have promoted the ambition of one individual and his handful of friends over the desire of an entire industry.

“As the commission prepares to celebrate 30 years of its existence, we at MORAN humbly advise that every effort be made by you to quickly end the friction between the NCC and COSON which has gone on for too long. To us, the celebration of 30 years of the NCC without COSON is clearly the celebration of failure.

The letter ended with the words: “For the avoidance of doubt, members of MORAN protest the continued ill treatment of COSON by the NCC and we say that enough is enough.”

Earlier, in its own letter to the NCC DG, Mr. John Asein, signed by its leader, Chief Morocco Maduka, the South East PMAN had clarified as follows:

“Let it be clear that we have no interest in the self-serving machinations of Efe Omorogbe, Toju Ejueyitchie, Pretty Okafor and their clique. These people do not speak for us and the attention being paid to them by the NCC is getting to the point where the entire copyright system will be torn apart irretrievably.”

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Do You Masturbate? Then Read This



If you Masturbate (whether regularly or once in a while), Masturbation is a bad habit and it will do you a whole lot of good if you can stop it right now.

However, 95% of those who masturbate want to stop it but it’s not just easy.. I know this, so don’t worry – we are all on this page together.

NOTE:- If you have been trying to put an end to masturbation but you have not been lucky at it, then this post is for you. Even if you don’t masturbate, you can still go ahead to read the post, it might be useful for someone you know later on.

So, here are the ways to put an end, let’s read along

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I Don’t Wear Pants, Nkechi, Falegan’s Crossfire Continues



In a series of posts shared via her Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 12, 2022, the actress debunked Falegan’s claims.

“My fave ex be ‘babe when did you start wearing panties’ The joke is on you bro…the veejay smells like heaven and you know it,” she wrote.

She once again accused the politician of trying to use her name and their breakup to gain fame.

Blessing described Falegan as a failed politician without prospects.

The movie star’s latest rants came after Falegan released a video on social media where he called her out over her personal hygiene.

“I apologised to her because I just want bygone to be bygone. Not because I want her back. Are you serious? Do you know why I left? I left for a different reason. Personal hygiene,” he said.

“You have to tell a woman to change her pants in three days. You have to tell a woman to brush her teeth in the morning. After the whole thing, everywhere is messed up. You want me to manage that? No, I wouldn’t.”

“So if my online in-laws una dey vex, make una go marry am. And you think I should just manage it. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and that’s the fact. And if the online in-laws are saying you guys are perfect together, go marry am, una go understand.”

Falegan’s video came barely 48 hours after he apologised to the actress.

The politician admitted that he “messed up” during his relationship with the actress.

In April 2022, the former couple took to their Instagram accounts where they revealed that their union was over.

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Broke Men Should Stay Off My Way, Actress Warns



The movie star issued the stern warning via her Snapchat page on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

“You don’t have the right to chat with me when you are broke sha. Who do you want to waste her time? My every second counts bro. Ain’t ready to waste it on some meaningless conversation,” she wrote.

The movie star’s post is coming barely a month after she slammed her ex-partner, Opeyemi Falegan for being broke.

She explained that he became notorious for always begging for financial assistance to fund his foundation, a move that didn’t sit well with the actress.

She also revealed that Falegan was a jobless man who would stay at home for months without doing anything.

“If they ask me what my so-called boyfriend does for a living, walai I don’t have an answer. 3 weeks in London you no wake up go work, sleep and wake up for live video. If joblessness was a person…Tueh, she wrote.

The news of the couple’s split first broke in April 2022.

According to several reports, the marriage crashed over infidelity allegations.

However, the movie star’s estranged husband, Falegan may have confirmed the end of their marriage after he went live on Instagram.

The actress later shared a post on her Instagram Stories she denied being dumped. According to her, she did the walking away from the marriage.

“The one wen I nor like na if you lie say you leave me. Nobody ever does…I simply take a walk and not say my side of the story cus really its not worth it. Say all you want to say but you see lie? We wear same trousers, na there you go vex me,” she wrote.

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