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OMNIFARIOUS GOD: The Reverence of Essence, to the glory of ‘The Maker’



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“You’ve got to enjoy His perfect varieties, by surrendering to His perfect will. Our diversity is meant for our glorious unity, for sanity, sanctity, and for humanity; above all, Divinity- all to His perfect glory.

Graces are in levels, standards have its substances: your consciousness and your unconsciousness; your ‘good’ and your ‘bad’; Light and darkness are varieties, all to His perfect glory, The Omnifarious God! The Omniscient, I bow in awe of your majesty!”- Tolulope A. Adegoke

Life is in stages: yesterday, today and the next days to come; and they are all to the glory of the Maker.

Men are in sizes: the tall, the short, the fat, the thin, small, the big, the slim, the medium; and they are all to the glory of the Maker.

Men are in diverse colours: the red, the black, the white, the brown; and they are all to the glory of the Maker. What makes one smile; is what makes another cry:

one man’s food is another man’s poison;

one man’s luxury is another man’s waste;

one man’s treasure; is another man’s trash;

one man’s pain is another man’s gain;

one man’s crown is another man’s cross;

one man’s faith is another man’s fate;

one man’s poison is another man’s palace;

one man’s gift is another man’s grief. Variety is a unique expression of showing ‘thank you’, and that is it. It is gratitude in ingratitude. For it is all in the uniqueness of nature, left for us to nurture with our creative nature as created by the Maker, and they are all to His glory.

The events of life are in dynamic occurrences, with reverence in essence, thereby fulfilling sensitivity of purpose:

somethings come and go;

some beings come to stay, while some have come to leave;

some leave to remain; some leave to remain with you like forever, and I bet with you, they are all to the glory of the Maker.

Both sides of the coin; makes a coin to be the coin;

Both sides of life, are what makes life happen; and they are all to the glory of the Maker. In a world where both the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are happening for the good of them that love God:

Life is pain and gain; bitter, better, and sweetness. It is peace in pieces, and peace and pieces; cross and crown; and they are all to the glory of the Maker.

Shoes are in sizes, it all differs, based on our sizes. For your sizes isn’t mine, and mine isn’t yours. What suit and suits me, may not be your taste of values; it simply depicts the volume of our various kinds of being for things, and in things; and they are all to the glory of the Maker. Either it is consciously done and unconsciously.

Some love the jazz, while some love the blues. In fact, they are all to the glory of the Maker.

If truly you living all to the glory of the Maker alone, then why worry about anything? Both the ‘fuji’ and ‘apala’ are sweet-smelling savour, sweet-smelling genre of suiting sounds that suit and suits Him. Therefore, you’ve got to praise Him anyway, anyhow and everywhere; every day, every time and everywhere, because there are no rules in praise: you need to lose yourself to lose the shackles and fetters of iron with your praise and in praise, in spirit and in truth; for the Creator is also looking for those that would worship Him in truth and in spirit. You’ve got to condemn no one for losing their swags in the atmosphere of true worship. You just did not know what they have been through to arrive at the sublime state. You’ve got to join the course and scatter the floor, change the atmosphere with praise and worship. If the Creator were to be hungry, all the goats in the wild, and all the flocks in the field are His. Your food doesn’t move Him; even your mansion doesn’t freak Him, He owns them all. He is the Giver, and also the Taker, because all things belong to Him, all to His perfect glory. It is your undiluted praise in every manner that suits Him to retaliate by massively causing unrestricted outpouring of His whole into your being, to living as a wonder in His ‘will’ and for His ‘will’ forevermore, to the shame of the devil. You just can’t box God, by restricting yourself only to one angle, to one aspect of His being. You think he doesn’t know?  You think he doesn’t know His intention of creation? He created the Moon, the Sun and the galaxies of Stars. He could have created just one to fulfil His purpose. But He is surely a God of Dynamis: The Omnifarious, the Omniscient God. Haven’t you thought about Him creating the day and the night. It is for you to come to the understanding, and consciousness of values of light over darkness. And the essence of fighting and winning the battles of life, by His grace. Joy comes in the morning. Both light and darkness, day and night; ‘good’ and ‘bad’; life and death are all to His Perfect glory. Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord! Who can contest with Him? No one! Nothing! No being. Everything glorifies His Majesty. All you need to do is to surrender your whole, for His magnificent entrance into your all being. Praise no rules, Worship cannot be boxed! Your packaging and un-packaging doesn’t move Him at all, but moves you in extent to His divine presence in the Holy of Holies. He is the Omnifarious God! The Omniscient! The Lover of Varieties- He cannot just be boxed, nor be bought! If you fail to praise Him, He said, He would raise the stones as a mighty replacement for you are!

He uses the ‘basket’ to fetch water, just to disgrace the ‘bucket’;

He uses the egg to crack the nuts, just to disgrace to stones;

He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise! You’ve got to enjoy His perfect varieties, by surrendering to His perfect will. Our diversity is meant for our glorious unity, for sanity, sanctity, and for humanity; and above all divinity, all to His perfect glory.

Graces are in levels, standards have its substances; your consciousness and your unconsciousness; your ‘good’ and you ‘bad’; Light and darkness are varieties, all to His perfect glory, The Omnifarious God! The Omniscient, I bow in awe of your majesty!

Thank you all for reading.

Please click on the link below for (bonus) Spoken-word + melody titled ‘Omnifarious God’ by Tolulope A. Adegoke featuring Axel Joe–spoken-word-poetry-omnifarious-god-prod-2keyziano-phonix-records

Watch out for the Book titled: “The Power of an Empowered Zero” (From Zero to HERO) by Tolulope A. Adegoke. Foreword by Dr Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A., U.K., Abuja, Nigeria.) Edited by Ola Aboderin.

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After Losing to Sheffield, Solskjaer Claims Referee Made Two Mistakes



Ole Gunnar Solskjaer criticised referee Peter Bankes for making two mistakes as Manchester United were beaten 2-1 by Sheffield United.

The Manchester United boss was not happy with the referee for allowing Kean Bryan’s opening goal to stand at Old Trafford despite Billy Sharp’s interference with David de Gea, and ruling out an effort by Anthony Martial minutes later.

Solskjaer told BT Sport: “It’s a foul. Billy Sharp just runs into him (De Gea) so he can’t get up, so it’s a foul.”

When asked about Martial’s disallowed effort, Solskjaer said, “No foul… but it’s this kind of season, inconsistencies, so it’s going to be unpredictable. But it’s two mistakes by the referee.”

Solskjaer’s side had the chance to leapfrog Manchester City back into top spot but froze under the pressure against bottom-of-the-league Blades, who had only won once in the Premier League this season.

Aaron Ramsdale was not overly tested in the Sheffield United goal as Manchester United only mustered four shots on target.

“We had all the possession but when you concede two bad goals it’s always going to be difficult,” Solskjaer said.

“We didn’t create big enough chances to score enough goals.

“That magic was missing, that little bit extra. They defended well, fair play to them but we didn’t have the right ideas or solutions.

“It wasn’t to be, the second goal we conceded is so poor, so sloppy. Easy. We stopped getting out to the ball, three or four bad decisions which is out of character.

“There will be no big inquest. There have been so many odd results this season but with the world as it is we have been the most consistent team, it hit us today.”

The Blades had just five points to show from their first 19 games – the worst haul in Premier League history – and had not beaten the Red Devils since 1993, with their previous Old Trafford victory coming in 1973.

And despite only naming six substitutes and having to rely on 38-year-old Phil Jagielka at centre-back – who subsequently put in a man-of-the-match performance – Chris Wilder’s men grabbed a richly-deserved three points.

“We have to play close to near perfect to get results and if you make mistakes, then you get punished,” Wilder said.

“It’s a brutal league and you have to be at your best every week. And sometimes it’s difficult to do that. Tonight we were good, we were brave in possession when we had to be and we created some little half-chances. You have to take those big moments and we took two, to give us a result.

“A slight deflection for the second goal but we all need that bounce of a ball. We’ve kept going, we have an identity and we’ve shown it tonight. We’ve had a little break, took it and managed to see the game out.”

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Concentrate on How to Fix Healthcare Facilities, Not COVID-19 Vaccines, Bill Gates Tells FG



American philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has advised the Nigerian government to prioritize fixing its healthcare sector rather than spending money on COVID-19 vaccines.

Bill Gates gave the advice during a virtual press conference on Tuesday ahead of the launch of the 2021 Bill and Melinda Gates Annual Letters.

Gates said that the deaths from the deficits of primary health care were dramatically higher every year than the total deaths going on in Africa from the COVID-19 pandemic.

He stressed that the impact of investing funds into the health system, particularly the primary health care system, would be very high in terms of saving children’s lives.

Bill Gates advised the Nigerian government to wait for the GAVI vaccines rather than diverting its limited health fund into trying to pay a high price for other COVID-19 vaccines.

He strongly advised the government to invest the proposed vaccine funds into other health-related areas, stressing that it would assist to deepen vaccine coverage and save lives.

“The key is that Nigeria is still eligible (for GAVI Vaccinee), and so, for a lot of those vaccines, they will come through the GAVI facility that we’ve raised money for.

“I’m an advocate for the government to have more resources and prioritise health. Obviously I’m not a voter in Nigeria, so Nigeria can decide that independently.

“So my advice is that the primary health care system is what’s super important and that with those finite resources, you have to prioritise expenditure.

“And in that case, waiting for the GAVI vaccines would be the best thing. So I hope it causes everyone in society to look at these health issues.

“There should be close to 100 per cent coverage of all the vaccines and you need to have those very functional primary health care systems because the number of lives you can save is absolutely huge,” he said.

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The Messy Side of Dangote, Autumn Spikes’ Romantic Affair



By Premium Times

Autumn Spikes, an ex-girlfriend of billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, said she was “insultingly” offered $15,000 and another $2,500 monthly by the African richest man to keep quiet over their affair.

Ms Spikes, who disclosed this in a post via her Instagram handle, @allounda1, on Monday, is instead, demanding $5 million in exchange for the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) requested by Mr Dangote.

“I was insultingly offered 15k and 2,500 a month to sign an NDA but I declined,” Ms Spikes stated in the post.

She did not disclose how long Mr Dangote allegedly offered to pay her the monthly $2,500, but went further to state, “I gained legal counsel in which we countered his offer. Mind you his first initial offer wasn’t disclosed in the terms of his proposed NDA.”

“Therefore I was pressured and influenced to sign which was already a violation of his own NDA,” she added in the post which PREMIUM TIMES saw on Thursday.

The affair between the former lovers came to limelight on January 1 when Ms Spikes shared a viral video clip showing her seated beside Mr Dangote who was lying down on the same couch, with part of his buttocks exposed.

Mr Dangote recently ended the affair that lasted about 10 years and asked for an NDA in return, one of Ms Spikes’ lawyers, Paul Petruzzi, said in a January 13 email to the billionaire’s lawyer, Bruce Fleisher.

PREMIUM TIMES exclusively reported on Wednesday how Mr Dangote sued Ms Spikes in a U.S. court in Florida, accusing her of trying to extort $5 million, (about N1.9 billion at official exchange rate), from him.

Mr Dangote, who instituted the legal action using a pseudonym, John Doe, to escape public attention, alleged in the suit filed on January 22 that Ms Spikes had threatened to embarrass him by taking the details of their affairs to the social media and media talk shows in violation of an existing NDA between them.

He is demanding “excess of $30,000” (about N11.4 million) in damages against Ms Spikes.

Ms Spikes shared a part of a page of Mr Dangote’s court documents filed at a Miami-Dade County Court in Florida, through her Monday’s Instagram post.

She denied threatening Mr Dangote with blackmails on the social media or through media talk shows as claimed by the billionaire businessman in his suit.

The lady maintained that she had kept her affair with Mr Dangote private. She expressed surprise that she could be sued for extortion by the wealthy businessman.

“He denied knowing me and our relationship to his lawyers and we’re asked for proof of our affair…now I’m being sued for extortion?

“This is such a manly egotistical move. I’ve kept it private but you made it public with the lawsuit.

“All these claims of interviews and talk show threats will have to be proved in court so… & I haven’t spoke (sic) to anyone regarding our relationship.”

‘I’ve not been served Mr Dangote’s suit’

She also stated in her Instagram post that she had not been served Mr Dangote’s suit.

In the post asking her followers to express their thoughts about the billionaire’s suit, Ms Spikes said she brought it up for discussion because the matter had become a public record.

“I have not been served. Since this is a public record, let’s discuss it. What are your thoughts?”

‘Dangote’s suit will be dismissed’

Responding to a comment by an Instagram user, @buy2day_wear, Ms Spikes expressed confidence that Mr Dangote’s suit against her would be dismissed by the court “because of lack of evidence”.

In the comment posted to boost Ms Spikes morale to stand up to Mr Dangote, the Instagram user, stated, “Dont let anyone bully you into submission”.

The commentator added that “Nigerian wealthy elites are used to getting away with treating women like they are disposable toys”.

The Instagram user also stated, “Set a precedent with Aliko in the U.S. so they are all aware that the justice system cannot be twisted for their selfish interest. Ignore Nigerian losers typing rubbish here, they are ignorant at best. Nine is a long time to be with someone. The least he can do is settle privately and move on. I wish you luck.”

Replying the comment, Ms Spikes posted: “actually this is going to get dismissed immediately there is a thing called discovery where you have to provide proof.”

But one of her Instagram followers warned, “Dayummmm 😭 Gurlllll you are in for this! A billionaire? You are innnnn for this ! All the best to you.”

Premium Times

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