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Opinion: Reassurance of ‘Hope’: Don’t Give Up!



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“It is the ‘assurance of life’ that guarantees you a ‘living’… It is not to please nor oppress others, but to please God Almighty (The Maker) and grants you ‘fulfilment’ alongside divine blessings in these ‘appearance’ and ‘plain’ called ‘life’!”  – Tolulope A. Adegoke

 Having discussed the facts about discovering your Zero, working on your Zero, harnessing your Zeros towards emerging a HERO in my earlier articles, it was observed from feedbacks across the globe that some people  may not really want to embrace new challenges, they do not want to risk losing that little piece of cake in their hands; they do not want to leave their comfort zones towards getting better and brighter opportunities…They want everything on a platter of gold which is not always so in reality. “There is no free lunch in Freetown, everything comes with a cost!” Get that straight

Many people lack the capacity to evaluate options and maximize chances (opportunities); while most people that emerged a HERO today rose up through the storm which came as a blessing in disguise to them, thereby compelling them to effect and accept change in reality! One thing that we must understand here is that vision is not blurred, it can never be hidden but most of the times, we only refuse not to see clearly due to our ignorance, shallow thoughts (mentality), negligence and other factors that limits us. Many, therefore, become frustrated when they do not see or understand their visions; hence, they become ungrateful to God Almighty.

In all honesty, everything we need has been encrypted into us in the forms of talents, potentials, so also, in the storm which is often blessings in disguise as our training ground to unleashing these natural endowments of ours! We need the sixth sense to discover what God has in stock for us as individuals, as an organization (Corporates) and as nations at large. Having discovered these facts, you must play your part of the deal by empowering these gifts, peoples, strengthen your weak areas so as not to drown in the pits of regrets, but emerge a HERO in your generation(s) by harnessing your ‘Empowered Zeros’ in your specific areas of calling. Your gifts/potentials comes (raw) as ‘Zero’ at first, but has the tendency to develop, advance and appreciate when empowered…. Even your storm connotes ‘Zero’, because it is an unpalatable situation (challenge), but can be solved or surmounted through empowerment strategies such as Latent Capacity Building, Understanding and Engaging Divine Wisdom, Appreciating and Engaging the Ultimate Gifts among others. After empowering your ‘Zeros’ to getting the best out of (refining) yourself and life situations, you must then go further to harnessing your ‘Empowered Zeros’ through diverse measures into solving life events, then you naturally emerge a HERO. I, therefore, illuminated further in those articles by ripping some carefully selected individuals/persons in a bid to help us know that it is applicable in true life issues (reality). These ones emerged from the levels of Zero to HERO! We must therefore note these blatant facts that:

Talents are useless until we put them to usage,

Seeds are useless until we cast them into the ground, not just any ground, but fertile ground(s).

You are useless (as ‘nobody’) no matter how gifted you may be, until you show case your gifts/talents…

You are not alive because you are smart, but because of what you have been called and chosen to do by the Almighty!

Every seed, talents or potentials in you are for specific purposes!

Therefore, you must understand your purpose (calling) and deliver your gifts to your world through positive impacts of lives, corporates and nations! What the world wants to hear are your breakthroughs (testimonies of possibilities), and not mere stories.

You are Heaven on Earth…Your gifts and talents are heavenly deposits inside your earthen vessel. (2 Corinthians 4:7: “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the Excellency of the power may be of God and not of us).

Empowering them all gives you full access into reigning (Heaven) on Earth…You are not of this world, neither are your potentials; but you must be on this Earth (i.e. stay alive) for your talents to function, for them to function as ‘you’, they are packaged in a body called MAN…Your true identity is not your body but the heavenly gifts that the body carries! You are the full identity of the power of God in action. And that is the basis and the peak of all Leadership!

It is your gifts that results to excellence, which attracts success when empowered (worked upon), then leads to the greatness that comes with posterity, while your earthen vessel(s) would decay as a result of the expiration of its existence on Earth.

The ‘Hero’ in you speaks for you even while you are gone! For by their fruits (deeds/levels of impacts) we shall know them!

Do not quit empowering your ‘Zeros’, they might end up becoming your ‘Heroes’ (strengths)!

Here are the powerful words of Edgar A. Guest:


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,

When the road you are trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit,

Rest, if you must-but don’t you quit…!

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As every one of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about.

When he might have won had struck it out;

Don’t give up, though the pace seems slow-

You might succeed with another blow…

Success is failure turned inside out-

the silver tint of the cloud of doubt-

And you can never tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems afar;

So stick to fight when you are hardest hit-

It’s when things get worse that you must not quit!”

Dr. Robert Schuller further added his own bit:

“Don’t trust the clouds- trust the sunshine.

Don’t set your compass by the flash of lightning-

Set it by the starts. Trust the sun-don’t trust the shadows.

Believe in your dreams-don’t believe in your despairing thoughts.

Have faith in your faith-and doubt your doubts.

Trust your hopes- never trust your hurts. And you will on eventually, effectively, inspiringly to faith’s final phase which is the Crowning Stage.”

It is only the potential that is consistently worked upon that (is transformed) delivers a sellable product…which would eventually command blank cheques. Even God Almighty did not wait for man to be perfect before He could love and empower him. God loved us, even when we were unlovable, in our weaknesses, in our sins, so he had to sacrifice His ‘best’ i.e. Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son (John3:16) for us to be saved (Empowered), for us to be joint-heirs with Jesus Christ in God Almighty, The Father! In spite of all of our weaknesses, God sees HOPE in us and He always ready to bless us to making better our FUTURE in Him. He gave us Jesus Christ (His Word, Empowerment, sacrifice) that we may dwell in Him and He in us (Christ in us, the HOPE of Glory) to be forever embodiments i.e. carriers of God’s glory, splendours and majesty. “for our body(s) is the temple of God!” God is always seeing a HERO in a Zero! And always ready to help (empower, bless) every “Zero” that submits to Him and subjects themselves to His ruler-ship for them to reign on Earth as kings (Heroes). He turns us into an attraction empire and global evidences of supernatural breakthroughs. He turns dusts into gold!

We can only achieve or attain greatness by wisdom, and wisdom itself is in levels: According to James3:15-17“This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish. 16For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and evil work. 17But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be in-treated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (KJV)”. James1:5 says: “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him (KJV).” Job28:28 “And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding (KJV).” To acquire wisdom, we must avoid being defiled by the king’s meat just as Daniel and his friends did. Biblical character such as Joseph, Solomon, and Daniel among others, were definitions of divine wisdom which enabled them to live a life of impacts in their generations.

If you do not understand your calling, you cannot appreciate your gifting. Always remember that your gifting is your anointing! And your anointing is the presence of God in you, which must keep flowing to the world through you!

That’s what you owe your MAKER (God Almighty) all the days of your life. Therefore, do not abuse your gifting, they are sacred and must dished out with utmost humility and sanity! It is the ‘assurance of life’ that guarantees you a ‘living’… It is not to please nor oppress others but to please God Almighty (The Maker) and grants you ‘fulfilment’ alongside divine blessings in these ‘appearance’ and ‘plain’ called ‘life’!

Learn, Apply & Share.

Thank You!

Watch out for the Book titled: “The Power of an Empowered Zero” (From Zero to HERO) by Tolulope A. Adegoke. Foreword by Dr Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania U.S.A., U.K., Abuja, Nigeria.) Edited by Ola Aboderin.

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Accept COVID-19 Vaccines, TB Joshua Tells Nigerians



The founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), Temitope Joshua, has appealed to Nigerians to accept the approved COVID-19 vaccines as a way of ending the pandemic.

Mr Joshua, in a video made available to PREMIUM TIMES on Wednesday, said he has received thousands of emails concerning the safety of the vaccines expected in the country by the end of January.

“Concerning the ongoing situation in the world, I have received thousands of emails on the COVID-19 vaccine,” Mr Joshua said in the message broadcast on his Christian channel on Emmanuel TV.

The video and its content was sent to PREMIUM TIMES by a freelance journalist, Ihechukwu Njoku.

Mr Joshua noted that many conspiracy theories are surrounding the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines.

He, however, said federal authorities are only making efforts to put an end to the pandemic which has claimed millions of lives worldwide.

“No doubt, there are many conspiracy theories surrounding this vaccine. However, my belief is that our governments are only trying to look for a way out of this very challenging situation, although there may be bad faith in certain quarters,” he said.

“Many people have complained of some negative reactions but this is always the case with vaccines of this nature. I remember I used to have such reactions whenever I took chloroquine,” he continued, citing his personal experiences.

“That does not mean chloroquine is bad. It works positively for many. At this time, our governments need our support and our cooperation – because the world is in a dilemma,” he said.

The Nigerian government said it is expecting at least 100,000 doses of the Pfizer and BioNTech approved COVID-19 vaccines by the end of January through the COVAX co-financing public-private facility.

Evidence on ground at the country’s vaccine facility showed that there are three Ultra-cold freezers needed to store the vaccines when they finally arrive the country.

But health authorities have expressed fears over growing vaccines hesitancy caused by misinformation which leads to doubt of the efficacy of the vaccine.

One of such was recently demonstrated by a Nigerian governor discouraging people from taking the vaccines.

“…They want to use the (COVID-19) vaccines to introduce the disease that will kill you and us. God forbid!” Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State said in a video circulating on social media.

Aso Rock officials said both President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will take the COVID-19 vaccines live on TV to allay the growing vaccine hesitancy among Nigerians.

Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti, who addressed journalists in Abuja after meeting with President Buhari recently said he and his colleagues will also take the vaccines on live television. “We too will like to demonstrate to our citizens that we believe that vaccines would work,” he said.

“Don’t forget, we have a lot of experience on this. Governors Forum managed the polio vaccines administration in the country and we have garnered a lot of experience,” said Mr Fayemi, the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum

Premium Times

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Police Arrest Killers of Immigration Officer, Six-Year Old, Others



Operatives of the Nigeria Police Force Intelligence Response Team IRT have arrested one Friday Domozu, 23 years native of Jarkama Village, Bassa LGA of Kogi State, the leader of the kidnap gang responsible for the abduction and killing of a six year old, Farida Yahaya ‘m’ at the Gabije Area of Kogi State on 2nd November, 2020.

The victim was abducted alongside one Abdulraheem, ‘m’ 14years old who narrowly escaped from the kidnappers den.

Investigations by the Police team revealed that the kidnappers demanded a huge sum as ransom from the family of the little girl before she could be released, but eventually killed her owing to the inability of the family to meet up with their demands. Efforts by the Police team to rescue the little girl led to the arrest of the principal suspect, Friday Domozu who led the Police Team to a deep forest at Gabije area of Kogi State where the remains of the little girl were recovered. The Police Team also exhumed the decomposing body of another victim later found to be that of one 40years Ibrahim Madaki earlier declared missing. The remains of the victims have been deposited for autopsy. Friday Domozu also revealed to the Police team that he is an ex-military trainee who was declared unfit and subsequently withdrawn 5-months into training based on medical grounds. Efforts are being intensified to arrest his gang members still at large.

Similarly, the Police Team arrested one Halidu Usman ‘m’ of Akwanga, Nasarawa State, the gang leader of the group responsible for the killing of an Assistant Comptroller of Immigration, Late ACI Salisu Usman at Gudi area in Akwanga LGA, Nasarawa State on 15th June, 2020. The suspects stormed the house of the victim, killed him and his younger sister, Sa’adatu Usman, a final year medical student of the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto State. The killers also abducted the wife of the victim, Asmau Salisu and collected ransom from the family before her release. The suspect is assisting the police team in the investigations and arrest of other members of the group still at large.

Police operatives also arrested four (4) kidnap/armed robbery gang members responsible for the recent series of kidnapping of some staff of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria and their families. The gang members; Abubakar Aliyu a.k.a Maigiwa, ‘m’ 27years, Aliyu Bello ‘m’ 18years, Ishaku Kabiru ‘m’ 30years and Abubakar Yakubu a.k.a Dogo ‘m’ 23years, were arrested following police investigations and rescue operations for the kidnap victims. The arrest of Abubakar Aliyu a.k.a Maigiwa led to the arrest of the other three (3) gang members. Abubakar Aliyu is a security staff of ABU Zaria who provides information to the gang on the movement and lifestyle of the victims. Some of the victims were rescued during the operation and reunited with their families.

Also, in a follow-up on investigations and information provided by a kidnap victim who identified and raised alarm on citing one Ibrahim Idris a.k.a Naira as a member of the gang responsible for his kidnap and collection of ransom before his release, the Police Team on 7th January, 2020 arrested the suspect which led to the arrest of two other gang members; Abubakar Yusuf a.k.a Ndalati ‘m’ 42years and Abubakar Ahmodu ‘m’ 20years. Investigations reveal that Abubakar Ahmodu is responsible for spying on and identifying potential victims of kidnap for the gang. As a matter of fact, he provided intimate details about his father which led to the kidnap and eventual extortion of a ransom of Two Million naira from his biological father.

All the suspects will be charged to court on conclusion of investigations.

Meanwhile, the Inspector General of Police, IGP M.A Adamu, NPM, mni has reiterated the commitment of the Force to cracking down on perpetrators of violent crimes in the country. The IGP expresses his sincere appreciation to the citizens for the useful information they avail the Police with which no doubt have continued to yield positive outcomes as seen in the arrest of the twenty-five suspects. He seeks further cooperation and assures that the Force will remain resolute to ensuring a safe and more secure country for all.

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Kidnappers of Lagos Deputy VC Demand N20m



The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Anchor University, Lagos State, Prof. Johnson Fatokun, has been kidnapped.

Anchor University is a faith-based institution in Ayobo, Lagos, owned by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the victim left Lagos on Sunday to drop off his two children, who were schooling in the North.

He was said to be returning on Monday when his vehicle was attacked by the gunmen in Nasarawa en route to the airport to return to Lagos.

A source said the assailants were in police uniform.

The source said, “The professor had dropped his son at the Deeper Life High School in the morning. He also went to drop the daughter at a federal university in Jos.

“He was returning from Jos to Keffi, Nasarawa State, late in the evening when they encountered the gunmen on the road. The driver, however, manoeuvred his way and sped through them. The gunmen started chasing the vehicle and shooting.

“There was another set of kidnappers right in front of them. They succeeded in stopping the vehicle. They beat up the driver, who managed to escape. The professor begged them for mercy, because those people were angry. That was how they whisked him away.”

Our correspondent learnt that the kidnappers had been speaking with some leaders of the victim’s church in Nasarawa.

It was gathered that the gunmen demanded N20m as ransom.

“They are talking to his colleagues and some leaders in the church. The negotiation is ongoing. We hope he will be released soon and unhurt,” the source added.

An official of the school, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the development.

He, however, said prayers were being offered for the safe release of the professor.

Fatokun is a professor of Computational Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, and was the pioneer Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, before joining the services of Anchor University in 2017.

The Punch

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