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We Have Grown to Be a Brand in 33 Years – Lagos FRSC Sector Commander, Ogungbemide



…says media is indispensable

The Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Lagos State Command, Olusegun Ogungbemide has said that the establishment of FRSC as an elite corps 33 years ago has significantly imparted on mitigating carnages and crashes on Nigerian roads.

While given his scorecard on Friday during a courtesy visit by the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) led by its President, Mr. Samson Oki and other Executive members said “we have grown to become a brand in the last 33 years and as such we are the lead agency in road Safety.

“In 33 years of our existence, we have celebrated deaths enough but grateful we have been able to save lives enormously.

“At the point of establishment, FRSC was rated as elite corps and we have been able to replicate that in all of our responsibilities. Your coming is timely especially as we celebrate our 33 years of existence and we are grateful for that. We have been rated first as far as world standard is concerned.

“Other African countries see us as a model in road Safety management and have constantly come here to learn from us and copy our model.

While commending the Corp Marshall, Dr Oyeyemi Boboye for his foresight and dexterity in managing the corps that has led to tremendous progress, reduction of accidents, crashes and deaths, added that the Corp Marshall knew the mindset of the founding fathers of the corps.

“Our Corp Marshall is media savvy and whatever we do as an organization, if it is not projected by the media, there is hardly what is known in the public domain. FRSC is a product of the media but not oblivious of the fact that the media can make or mar you if you are not careful,” Ogungbemide reiterated.

While appreciating the invaluable contributions of the media, Ogungbemide pointed out that under his command, he would continue to collaborate and carry the media along in its programmes.

“When I go out for enforcement, I can only tackle 10% of the problems but one sentence from the media can reach millions of the publics. We are ready to collaborate with you because our aim is to reduce crashes by 15% and fatality by 20%.

“I met an indefatigable predecessor and we have brought in different innovations in terms of managing accidents especially at the Kara Bridge, which before now, was notorious for sundry truck crashes. We don’t have trucks falling and killing people there again.”

Apart from building the capacity of his men as part of his achievements since assuming the office as the Sector Commander, Ogungbemide pointed out that since repair works began at the 3rd Mainland Bridge, his men have been able to manage the traffic as well as cohere with other traffic management agencies like the Lagos State Transport Management Authority (LASTMA) and Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS).

Admitting that FRSC has not been a perfect organization devoid of some bad eggs, Ogungbemide explained that they have done everything possible to keep its personnel above board as they have maintained “zero tolerance” in discipline and ensured that every possible malfeasances are put under stringent check.

On his part, while commending the FRSC family for their ingenuity and innovativeness, the President of NAOSNP, Mr Samson Oki eulogized the corps for its responsiveness to the calls by Nigerians which has significantly reduced carnages and deaths on our road.

“Your 33 years of existence is not a fluke. We would continue to support you through our unbiased, intelligent reports of your activities. However, we use this opportunity to solicit for the inclusion of our members as Special Corp Marshall.

Soliciting for NAOSNP’s support to tackle drug use and alcoholism among drivers at the motor park as they abuse sachet gins, the Sector Intelligence Officer, SRC Victor Okelola said, “help us sensitize the public about the use of alcohol by drivers and the youths. This is one of the causes of accidents on our roads.

While thanking the Security News Publishers for their visit, the Sector Head of Operation, DCC Cyril Matthew said, “Media is the flagship of any political economy. If the country excel, it is because people are well informed. FRSC has never looked down on the media hence we appeal for your collaborative assistance. We are most grateful for your felicitations with us on our anniversary,” he reiterated.

Other FRSC officers present were the Head of Transport Standardization Organization,
ACC Aderemi Malomo; Head of Motor Vehicle Administration Agency, ACC Edith Eluka; Deputy Public Relations Officer, DRC Jesutomipe Mala; Protocol 1,
DRC Maureen Anyanmekaa and Protocol 11, ARC Ayoola Rebecca.

On the part of NAOSNP were the Advisory Board Member, Mr Okosun Dennis, Deputy Public Relations Officer, Theresa Moses, Mr Eric Elezuo and Mr Abbey Omotosho.

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Personality in Focus

Prominent Politician, Cleric’s Son, Odumbaku Declares for Ojodu LCDA Chair



By Eric Elezuo

The prestigious Excellence Hotel, located on Ogba, Ikeja, was a beehive of activity over the weekend as David Oluwasegun Odunmbaku, the secretary of Ikeja Local Government Area and the ‘warrior’ son of prolific Lagos politician and accomplished cleric, Cardinal James Odumbaku, declared his intention to contest the chairmanship of Ojudu Local council Development Area in the forthcoming grassroots election.

David Odumbaku is a Harvard trained professional, who had learnt the ropes of administration, berthing at a prestigious office of the secretary of one of the influential local government areas in Lagos State.

Making his declaration, Odumbaku said his mission to Ojudu LCDA is nothing but to serve and continue to serve.

“My passion for the people is what is driving my intention to contest the election. I just want to serve, and deliver the best of the dividend of democracy to the people of Ojudu,” he said.

Speaking however, on his son’s aspirations, Cardinal James Odumbaku, popularly known as Baba Eto, who is a revered politician in Lagos and preacher of the word, said David is endowed with the can-do-attitude to deliver good governance to the people of the council and beyond.  he said that David has passed through time and tutelage, and is very fit to handle the dictates of the office of the chairman, according to party rules.

“David Olusegun Odumbaku has been council secretary in Ikeja Local Government for four years under Honourable Wale Ogunlami without blemish. He was supposed to be chairman in the first instance, but Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu said no he has to learn.

“Again in the second leg, Asiwaju said he should not go for the chairmanship, but go for the secretary position, which is the power house of any local government administration so that he can learn more. Now, another four years is gone, or about to expire. So it behoves on me to encourage him after having a very excellent education in Europe. He is a Harvard alumnus. His academic achievements are voluminous that I can’t run it offhand, but his resume is a clear indication of what I’m saying,” Odumbaku said as a matter of fact.

He added that David Odumbaku is a power house of experience and knowledge, having learnt from his father, who himself was taught by the prolific Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He further praised Tinubu for his democratic principles and  as the brain behind the establishment of the Ojudu LCDA among others, saying he supervised the establishment on behalf of Tinubu.

“What David has in stock as a son of a politician, who himself was trained by Tinubu, is a testimony of the fact that he can’t fail, and that is because he has never failed.

“We are proving to the world that David Odumbaku is capable of running the administration of Ojudu LCDA, which of course I am the founding father, acting on instruction by Asiwaju that we should go and make some adjustment from the existing 20 local governments to 57 with additional 37 LGAs.

“So today, we are showing the world today through Ojudu LCDA what Odumbaku David is all about. Because we believe in democracy of which Tinubu is the bedrock, we are confidence that he will win the next election as Ojudu LCDA chairman, and even beyond. It may interest you to know that everyone is ably represented at this declaration exercise; leaders, community representatives, artisans and many more. The youths must grow…that’s the slogan of Asiwaju,” Odumbaku added.

“On why he chose to use his son at this time, having been instrumental to establishing many Lagosians politically and otherwise, Odumbaku said:

“I chose my son at the very last. You know I have been sponsoring other people with my money and personality, with the permission and blessing of Asiwaju Tinubu, putting people in respective positions in politics, ministry, local government administration, but I decided to sponsor my own child in the final analysis, and not without the blessing of Asiwaju.

“Now, I reasoned that with God-given opportunity and permission of Asiwaju Tinubu, I should try my own biological son, who is knowledgeable and has the capacity to handle things according to the dictates of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC). Note that everyone is my son, however,” Odumbaku further revealed.

He remarked that time has come for Tinubu to run the affairs of the country, Nigeria, having paid his dues in raising men and women of substance to man various political arms of the nation.

“And for the avoidance of doubt, I am not only desirous of David Odumbaku becoming the Chaiman of Ojudu LCDA, also that Asiwaju becomes the President of Nigeria – QED,” he concluded.

The Lagos State LGA polls is expected to hold in June.

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Personality in Focus

Our Decision to Rid Lagos of Indiscipline, Traffic Offences, Miscreants, Irreversible – Jejeloye, Chairman, Task Force



The Chairman, Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Unit (Taskforce), CSP Shola Jejeloye, has said that there is no going back in his administration’s decision to free Lagos State from the shackles of indiscipline, traffic offences and other attendant delinquencies that have limited its move to the smart city status.

CSP Jejeloye made the remarks in Lagos when the executive members of the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) led by its President, Mr. Samson Oki, paid him a courtesy visit in his office.

In his address, he lauded the efforts of the association for expressing interest in and identifying with the agency, adding that they are trying to do their best to ensure that laws and orders are obeyed in Lagos State.


Jejeloye expressed satisfaction with the visit, especially at such a time to share ideas and talk about the issues that bother on the wellbeing of Lagosians in particular, and Nigerians in general.

“Apart from the fact that law and order must be obeyed; the protection of lives and property is equally one of our primary responsibilities. And in a situation whereby law and order are not obeyed, then lives and properties cannot be protected. That’s why we decided to make our decision irreversible to ensure that the state is free from crimes, hoodlums and other kind of social menace,” he said.

The Chairman used the opportunity to call on celebrities to be advocates of discipline and positive role models to the youths, who will be trained as Medical Doctors, Engineers among others instead of wasting money going abroad hire expatriates to come and do our jobs for us.

“Who will do that work when all of them want to turn to Naira Marley? What is the meaning of celebrity? I don’t know the meaning? In those days, celebrities were like role models and those that make sacrifices for the society. They instill morals into the society. Not anymore. The only morals we enjoy now is just naked life, very naked life,” Jejeloye lamented.

“The responsibilities of our office is multifaceted, therefore, our decision is not to rest on our oars. Our task is not limited to traffic offenders hence we want to take it to the market places where these people will feel the impact.

“Don’t be tired of us. Continue to give us the needed support. Use the little knowledge and experience you have acquired to be a vehicle of change. Money is not only corruption; the abuse of power is also corruption.

“Let us continue to work together because without you, there is no us. We try to toil the part of the law and not suffer backlash. Posterity is a time keeper and time is a great healer.”

On the use of drugs by commercial drivers, Jejeloye explained that almost 80% of the drivers take drugs. Therefore, we have had meetings with their leaders, educated and enlightened them on the dangers of use of drugs.

“I implore passengers and commercial drivers to make effective use of officially recognised bus stops to minimise attacks by miscreants as most of them stay at odd places outside officially approved bus stops.

While congratulating the Chairman for his recent appointment and promotion, NAOSNP President, Mr Oki said since the coming on board of Jejeloye, significant changes have been experienced, especially in the mode of operation that has brought tremendous calmness to driving within the metropolis.

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Personality in Focus

Cardinal Odunmbaku Tips Tinubu As Nigeria’s Next President



‘Yes, Asiwaju is the next President of Nigeria. I am a prophet of God not of doom’ were the exact words of the ebullient Cardinal James Odunmbaku popularly called Baba Eto in the political fold when he had a brief chat with delegates of the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) in the Lagos headquarters of his church.

The candidacy of the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the religious cum political Cardinal believes is the sine qua non that Nigeria needs to make huge progress, ‘that is the project we have. That’s the project every Nigerian should have. Give me a leader who has produced councillors, chairmen, supervisory chairmen, house of representatives, house of assembly, governors, senators, and so on. This is the only time we have to pay him back as there is no going back because God Himself wants a peaceful government that will be chaired by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu insha Allah. I have so much confidence in him.’

‘I am a prophet of God not of doom. I don’t prophesy because I need money from you. I am a blessed prophet because I am satisfied with what God gives to me’.

On current agitation from youths, Baba Eto advised: ‘Nobody is saying don’t fight for your rights but do it with all sense of spirituality and responsibility so that hoodlums will not take over what you are trying to do. The ego of Nigerians have been bastardized for years. But please, the people should also try and see what this government is trying to put together.’

He advised all Nigerians to embody the virtues of patience and endurance by which all challenges can be overcome, ‘Nigerians need to be patient. You cannot have a child today and the child will walk and talk the same day. You are joking.’

‘Nigeria is on course. Nigeria will not go down. Nigeria will not be devastated. Nigeria will be a country to emulate. Nigeria will be a country to be emulated worldwide’, the spiritual leader prophesied.

The spirited man of God and devoted leader of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) was presented with the Patron Certificate of the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP) during the precise and impactful interview in which he recommended journalists to uphold the truth. ‘Let honesty be your policy and the sky will be your starting point. Be truthful in all your engagement’.

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