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We Spend $20 for Each COVID-19 Test, Says NCDC



The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Tuesday said it would target testing two million people in the next three months.

The NCDC DG, Dr  Chikwe Ihekweazu, who said this at the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 media briefing in Abuja, also said it cost between $18 and  $20 to test a COVID-19 sample.

According to him, the cost does not include human resources and other expenses.

Ihekweazu said these as the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) sent a team of experts to Kano State on Tuesday barely 24 hours after he imposed two-week total lockdown on the state.

There have been concerns about the  COVID-19 cases and the increasing deaths in the state, which the NCDC and the state government are investigating.

But on Tuesday, the NCDC boss said the Federal Government would step up testing in Kano and other states in the country.

He said compared with  South Africa, Nigeria was lagging behind in terms of the number of people tested for COVID-19.

Ihekweazu said that it would be impossible to achieve the two million target without huge financial support. He said that to achieve the two million target, at least 50,000 samples must be tested in each of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory within the set period.

He said the ban on inter-state movements, which was announced by the President on Monday, would prevent transmission of the virus to areas where cases had not been reported.

Ihekweazu stated,  “There are four states where we have not confirmed a single case. Our goal is to avoid a single case in any of those states and to keep them exactly that way.

The director general had on Monday listed Nasarawa, Yobe, Cross River and  Kogi as states that had not recorded any COVID-19 case.

But on Tuesday morning, the Nasarawa State Government said the state had recorded a case of the virus.

Admitting that Nigeria was lagging behind in terms of  testing, Ihekweazu  said,  “In order to test two million people in three months, we need to test 50,000 samples per state, depending on population size.”

The NCDC DG said that over the next few weeks, he would be engaging aggressively with all state governments, asking them to work with the PTF in order to increase the capacity to test more people.

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Opinion: It’s All for Good



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

 “Good is a path. Also, it is a choice. It is a choice that must be made. Every man is born a chooser! Your choice determines your end. Find your ‘Good’, choose your ‘Good’. Re-unite with your ‘Good’. Stick to your ‘Good’, even when tempted by ‘Bad’! You don’t overcome ‘Bad’ by being bad. You only overcome ‘Bad’ by being good ” – Tolulope A. Adegoke

Your results are determined by your resolve, what’s Good?

Good is simply when crisis work for peace to reign, and I will say it’s all for good.

Good is when both the positive and negative agrees to power energy, I will say it’s all for good.

Good is when noise submits to quietness for the sake of sanity.

It is when the soul opens up to divinity for the great alignment of spirits to that which is holy, pure and kind.

Good is when war submits to lasting peace,

Good is when the wrong humbly admits to his or her errors, and take the mature steps to seek for forgiveness.

Good is when both the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ happens for the good of them that love God, and I will say it’s all for good.

What’s good? Good is rare virtue, one of the most authentic forces that breeds sanity, sanctities satisfactorily.

Good is a God step in the hood; like a lamb among the wolves; a light in the dark; a stream in the wilderness; a force for the fall of false for what is true and real to be revealed; and I will say it’s all for good.

Good is a pull of faith in fate to fulfilling our destinies.

Good may be mocked, but that doesn’t stop the authentic good from being good.

Good may be frustrated out of your abode, but without you, Good is still good; and would always find a place of abode conveniently, honourably and peaceably accommodated by those that truly value the virtue of its versatility because it is a university that requires sanity, sanctity and maturity to overcome adversities…and I will say it’s all for good.

Let me paint a picture for you of a good story of what Good is on a canvass of reality without an iota of gullibility:

“Bad and Good started living under the same roof, but one had to leave for the other to reign, and one thing is constant about Good, it flows naturally and doesn’t struggle to be heard, to be seen nor to be felt.

Eventually, there was a cold rift between the two forces, but instead of waring, Good left for good. And after three (3) months, the oil in the lamp that powers the light in the home and environment dried up, and it was all from Good that they got the oil for illumination. Ooh! gross darkness emerged, because of the absence of Good, because of the absence of Light.

The Light was gotten from Good, because the only thing that Good took with it while leaving was the power of light. And Bad became blind, because of the absence of light, no warmth, no sight; Bad took ill and grew old in its weak condition. Bad refused to look for Good, because of pride.

Truly, Bad was bad, and Bad is bad; but Good was busy illuminating those that accommodated it after leaving its previous abode.

The good news of Good spread abroad. Good became a strong nation, stronger than the greatest. Everyone started migrating to securing their destinies and fulfilling their purposes after being battered and beaten by Bad. Bad had raped them so badly.

Good became HOPE, Good became FAITH, Good became DELIVERANCE; Good became HELP, Good became HOPE; Good became the last resort for their resolve.

One day, Good had to look for Bad, and invited Bad to a meeting alongside her supporters.

Good stood up and asked the congregation: “why do I live? Why do you think I am here?” And the supporters screamed: “because you are good, because you are kind, because you are hope, deliverance, and our last resort and resolve.”

And Good asked again: “what has Bad offered you so far?” And there was deep silence, the atmosphere became so cold, it was so touching, mournful and sorrowful. The people became so broken, because virtually all of them had lost one or two things to being followers of Bad, either consciously and unconsciously; either ignorantly, lackadaisically and adamantly.

Bad became so sorrowful, but Good further made a statement that was good and godly. Good said, “everything, I mean both the good and bad happens for the good of them that loves God.

Good continued, “I am a creation with a purpose of illumination, off sanity and sanctity by divine order; while Bad is a creation with a purpose of pollution instigated or permitted by divine order to help understand, reveal, appreciate the course and cause of Good. If there is no Bad, would any of you present here know the value of Good? If there is no darkness, would there be any need for light to be valued? If there is no blindness, would there be any need for sight? If there is no hunger, would there be any need for food?

Value is understood, respected, honoured, acknowledged properly through lack. If there is no war, would there be value for peace? If there is noise, would there be any value for quietness or silence? If there is no foolishness, would there be any value for wisdom that comes from Good? If there is no death, would there be any value for life? If there are no sicknesses, would there be any value or need for cure or healing?”

Everyone was marveled; they were all broken. Good further said “I say unto you again, everything, both the good and bad happens for the good of them that love God.

Good is the most authentic force for healthy living; Bad is the path to destruction. Bad became bad; Bad became sorrowful, Bad became humbled; Bad became broken. He had no choice than to renounce himself from being bad.

Everybody clapped, they hailed him, they hailed Good: “Good is the deliverer to eternity”.

But I must tell you today, Good is a path as well. Also, it is a choice. It is a choice that must be made. Every man is born a chooser! Your choice determines your end.

Find your Good, choose your Good. Re-unite with your Good. Stick to your Good, even when tempted by Bad!

You don’t overcome Bad by being bad. You only overcome Bad by being good. Your choice determines your end. Both Bad and Good are established and determined by your strong decisions and choices. Both life and death are the choices you resolve to make.

Life is Good. Death is Bad. Death gives room for fresh life. And when a seed is planted into the earth, it must die. It must decay, and that would give room to a new life, to a NEW DAWN…And I would say, “IT’S ALL FOR GOOD!”

Listen and download Spoken word single (MP3), titled: “ALL FOR GOOD” By Tolulope A. Adegoke via the link below:

OR contact:

Thank you!

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Food for Living: #EndSARS Movement: The Way Forward



By Henry Ukazu

Dear Destiny Friends,

It is no longer news that Nigeria has been trending for the wrong reasons. Almost all major news platforms in the world and world leaders have aired their views with respect to the ongoing protests in Nigeria. For the record, CNN, BBC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal as well as world leaders like Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Members of UK Parliament just to mention a few have raised their voices in different capacities, advising the Federal Government of Nigeria and precisely the President Muhammadu Buhari, to arrest the situation by adhering to the legitimate demands of the #EndSARS protesters.

For the benefit of my readers who are not aware of the origin of this article, please take time to read my last week article,  #ENDSARS in Nigeria, for a better understanding.  It is important to mention that nothing brings a nation down more than insecurity and instability. When there is a total breakdown of law and order, it will be difficult for any nation to move forward, and also, it will be difficult for investors to invest therein. This is the true state of Nigeria at the moment. Globally, the number one responsibility of any President or leader of a country is the protection of lives and property of its citizens. As it stands now, the protection of lives and properties of the citizens of Nigerians is no longer a priority of the government. It is no longer news that the lives and properties of Nigerians have been destroyed and one begins to wonder if we have a functional government. This is because human lives seem to be of no value if we look at the way thugs and security agents killed peaceful protesters.

It’s important to mention that October 20, 2020 will remain indelible in the minds of Nigerians and the world globally because it was on this date, the military unleashed live bullets on unarmed peaceful protesters who were protesting at the Lekki Tollgate. The shootings were sadistic, draconian and insensitive. In saner climes, the President, Vice President, Governor of Lagos State, Chief of Army Staff and other key officials of the cabinet ought to have resigned, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

The level of impunity in Nigeria is at an alarming rate. It is disheartening to note that security officials in Nigeria can kill a citizen they are meant to protect and say with impunity nothing will happen, and mostly likely that’s the honest truth.  It’s so sad and unfortunate to note that human lives has little or no value again in Nigerian

Due to the pressure from the international community and well-meaning citizens of Nigeria, the President Muhammadu Buhari was compelled to address the citizens after the bloody massacre, but the most heartbreaking and disheartening news the President gave to Nigerian was not being able to commensurate with the families of those who lost their loved ones, but he was quick condemn the killings of security officials.  One begins to wonder if the president has empathy, even if the President doesn’t have empathy what happens to this sympathy? He didn’t speak like a leader who has blood flowing through his veins.

One begins to wonder what’s the way forward for the protesters. The youths have shown that they have what it takes to lead if you look at the way and manner they have conducted themselves during these protests. The organization was well coordinated. They had provision for Legal Aid, medical personnel, relief for victim’s brutality, mental health support, food and relief for fallen heroes. That said, many people are still wondering what’s the way forward? Many youths and concerned Nigerians are worried about the future of the protesters because they see hope in the energy and spirit of the youths.

It’s important to note that the youths have achieve some monumental progress namely: they made the government to disband ENDSARS police officers, the government accepted their five for five demands, the government has made effort to persecute erring officers who weren’t diligent in performing their duties and most importantly, they made the President to address the Nation even though the speech was nothing to write home about.

Again, I ask what’s the way forward for the #endSARS protesters?  Many youths are worried about how to proceed. Here are my humble thoughts. Let’s be clear, every protest must have a leader(s)and every movement or protest must be structured. Even though some schools of thought are against having clear leaders so it won’t be hijacked and to the extent he/she is no longer alive or available, the movement can still proceed, however it’s pertinent to mention that without a clear cut leadership of the protest, it will he hard to coordinate the movement, the advantages of having a leadership is much better than not having a leadership structure. Here are my humble thoughts on why a leadership structure is needed.

1.      A good leadership will help to direct and inform the protesters on the way forward

2.     A good leadership structure will be in a better position to negotiate when need arises

3.     A good leadership will give credibility to the movement in addition to ensuring it’s not hijacked

4.     A good leadership will elaborate in detailed format what we stand for, our missions and visions

5.     A good leadership will provide authentic information as opposed to fake news been peddled by rumor mongers

The list is literally endless. The question now becomes how can this work?

1.     Structure:

 We need a good structure that will articulate the direction of the protest, the guidelines of the protest and modus operandi of the movement. Without a good structure, the movement will look like a ship without a captain or a moving car without a direction.

2.     Administration

We need a good administration that will run the internal affairs of the movement. A good administration can be likened to the parts of the body working for the well being of the body. As you may know, if any part of the body is not working well, other parts will be affected. A good administration is a like a blind spot which sees and hears what other people can’t see or hear and then report to the appropriate quarters for action

3.     Resources

No doubt, we need resources to make the movement work. Without resources, it will be hard to get anything done. We are not fighting with ordinary mortals; we are fighting against forces in government uniforms. Resources are like blood and fuel in human beings and cars. Without blood and fuel, it will be hard for a human being and car to function very well. Again, if the agents of the government shut down any part of the campaign to raise money in Nigeria, those in diaspora  and well-meaning people who are interested in developing and bringing change to the system can actually contribute meaningfully.

4.      Strategy

The last but not the least is a strategy. Without a good strategy, it might be difficult to achieve any meaningful progress. You cannot underestimate the importance of strategy. In politics, strategy is very important for the success of any political campaign. Campaign can be likened to a Business Model Canvas (B.M.C). Our strategy must only be known by the internal agents who will then direct the people on where the next step. For example, we can decide when to go online and when to go on the street, we can decide on a particular dress code etc. Strategy involves reaching out to those in diaspora, learning from the elders who have been there before us in the fight for self-actualization, negotiating where need be and planning for the future.

In conclusion, I will strongly advise every patriotic citizen and lover of Nigeria not to give up because we have come a long way. The protest is not a sprint, but a marathon.  I strongly believe, if we can brainstorm and articulate ideas on how to re-strategize the protest, I believe we will have a good chance of achieving our aim.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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Oriental Hotel Belongs to Us, Not Tinubu, WEMPCO Group Says



By Eric Elezuo

Following insinuations making the rounds that the Oriental Hotel, located at the Lekki axis of Lagos State, is owned by a popular politician and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the management of WEMCO Group has said the hotel belongs to them.

In a release made available to The Boss on Wednesday, the group said the hotel belongs to the Tung Wong family, and has operated in Nigeria in the last 50 years.

It noted that the family diverted into hospitality, and built the hotel in 2008.

“The Tung Wong family owns the WEMPCO Group that employs thousands of Nigerians.

“The Lagos Oriental Hotel does not belong to Tinubu,” the statement noted.

The group therefore, advised the public to stop the misinformation.

Read the statement:

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