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Food for Living: You Can’t Rush Destiny



By Henry Ukazu

Dear Destiny Friends,

One of the most discussed topics in the world is the concept of destiny. To some people destiny is predetermined, to others it is what you make out of life. Destiny can be likened to leadership. If I may ask; are leaders made or born? According to some schools of thought, leaders are born, while to another school of thought, leaders are made. It all depends on the side of the decide to key in yourself. One thing is certain however, leaders are made and leaders are born. This is because some are born to acquire the skills of leadership by reading and learning from the best while some are born with such quality and then they develop it. According to Williams Shakespeare “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”.

In discussing destiny, a lot of questions normally come to mind, amongst them are: is there anything like destiny? Can destiny be delayed? Must one work to accomplish/manifest destiny? These are some of the numerous questions which of course can be a discussion for another day because they are very ambiguous and somewhat sensitive. In today’s conversation, we shall focus on fulfilling one’s destiny.

In our contemporary society, a lot of people worship money. The crave of money has made a lot of people focus on what is not relevant in life thereby leading to misplaced priority. The crave for money has made many people miss their path to life. If we are honest to ourselves, the most priced wealth we may like to have is to be “fulfilled” in life. This is because when you are fulfilled, nothing else matters. It is instructive to note that you might have all the money you desire and still remain miserable because you lack joy and fulfillment. Don’t get me wrong, money is good, but we have seen rich people commit suicide despite the enormous wealth in their possession. That’s a question we need to ponder upon.

It is also instructive to note that if the only thing you have is money, you’re poor. According to some schools of thought, when they have money, it can complement their peace, passion and fulfillment to some extent. One can imagine how true the statement might sound, but a closer look will reveal that they may lack internal peace and fulfillment, especially when they don’t have what makes them happy.

One of the priceless gifts and assets one can have is peace of mind. Nor matter how wealthy you are, if you don’t have peace of mind you’re literally poor. This is because you’ll always be in a perplexed mood.

In seeking wealth, the first thing to ask yourself is, what’s my purpose? In the same vein, in seeking to know more about your destiny, the first thing you need to do is to ask your creator. Once you have been able to figure out your purpose, you’re close to fulfilling your purpose on earth. It’s quite unfortunate to know that a lot of people fail to discover themselves before leaving this world. We struggle with our identity to find purpose which shouldn’t be. It should be noted that we are all packages/gifts waiting to be opened.

It is a well-established fact that succeeding in life entails following lots of laid down principles, some of which might be unpopular. However, the big picture should be the vision as opposed to vested interest. Confident people don’t go about begging to be recognized; they know what they are made of, hence they work on their craft knowing fully well that at the right time, they will get to the end of the tunnel where light will shine.

Furthermore, genuine success in life is a gradual process. There’s nothing like an overnight success. It is very sad and unfortunate to note that due to the crave for fame and material things, lesser minds condescend to criminal and nefarious acts just to attain some level of success. This shouldn’t be the case, especially if you know yourself. The whole word literally stands out for the man who knows where he’s headed. If you truly know yourself, you don’t need anyone to sing your validation. Success will truly come to you if you play by the rules of the game, especially those destined to succeed

Globally, the world has seen rational minds who are desperate for power and material wealth and lose out simply because they were not destined to have it. One of the best things that can happen to any human being knowing himself. Once you know yourself, you can attract opportunities, especially again if you are destined for success.

At creation, you were not responsible for choosing when, how and where you’ll be born, neither are you responsible for choosing your gender. You may have the dream of working in a particular industry, company or even contest for a political election, but if you’re not destined to be in that industry, even if you’re opportune to get there, you’re likely going to crash when you get to the top. Even if you don’t crash, you might not be happy despite having everything together.

Therefore, I will strongly encourage you to maintain your lane and stay focused. Rushing to attain wealth without having substance is like setting up yourself for disaster. When you have a business, you need to be consistent in your craft. If you are a student, you need focus to study your dream course. If you’re a teacher, you need to be rich ‘upstairs’ in order to impact resourceful knowledge. The list is literally endless.

Life generally involves wisdom, sacrifice, patience and understanding in order for one to appreciate the inherent blessings being offered. You may have toiled day and night, but then that’s the price of success. You need to put in the work and hope and pray the universe will appreciate your work. We are all destined to succeed in life, but the simple reason why we don’t truly succeed is because we are either too busy imitating other people or we fail to look inwards at what’s inside of us that makes us unique. There was a story about two friends digging for gold, one was close to hitting tons of gold, but he relented while his friend was able to strike gold. He literally left all he has been doing just to continue to focus his energy on his friend’s exploration instead of concentrating on his work, not knowing he was on the verge of hitting jackpot.

When our plans don’t go as planned, sometimes we feel frustrated which can make us detour. However, if we remain focused, we’ll reap the fruit of our labour. It’s important to note that circumstances don’t say who we are, they reveal who we are.

In conclusion. destiny can be delayed, but it can’t be denied. What is for you will surely wait for you to claim it when the time is right. Therefore, don’t try to rush your destiny, otherwise, you might reroute your success.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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Bottled Water Seller Becomes China’s Richest Man



The owner of China’s largest bottled water maker has overtaken Alibaba’s Jack Ma to become China’s richest man, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index showed Thursday.

According to Financial Times, Nongfu Spring founder Zhong Shanshan’s net worth has hit $58.7 billion after a massive listing by the bottled water company in Hong Kong, according to Bloomberg estimates that makes him richer than Mr. Ma, whose fortune dipped to $56.7bn after shares in e-commerce group Alibaba fell 0.9 percent in New York on Wednesday.

This makes him $2 billion richer than previous number one, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, the wealth index said.

Zhong’s Nongfu Spring, which claims to be number one in China’s massive bottled water market, is ubiquitous across a country where most people shun tap water for health reasons.

The company raised nearly $1.1 billion in its initial public offering.

Zhong is also the chairman of Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Co. Ltd., a vaccine manufacturer listed on the mainland in April.

It is developing a Covid-19 vaccine nasal spray in conjunction with a prominent university.

Zhong, a 66-year-old former reporter from Zhejiang who state media say was also once a construction worker, is often referred to by Chinese media as a “lone wolf” for his rare public appearances and reluctance to be interviewed.

He founded Nongfu in 1996, just as China’s bottled water market began to take off.

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Kogi Gov Blames Federal Roads for Tanker Explosion



The Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, has blamed the Wednesday fatal tanker explosion in Lokoja, the state capital, on the deplorable state of federal roads.

The tanker carrying Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) ran into oncoming vehicles after the brake failed around Felele area of Lokoja about 8:00 a.m.

Cars, motorcycles and a school bus were destroyed in the inferno.

About 23 lives, including students of the state polytechnic and primary school pupils, died in the blaze, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) confirmed.

Following the incident, Mr Bello visited the minister of works and housing, Babatunde Fashola, to solicit urgent Federal Government’s attention to the deplorable condition of federal roads in Kogi.

According to his spokesperson, Onogwu Muhammed, the governor told the minister that the deplorable state of all federal roads across the state led to recurrent accidents in the state.

“He said the state government has done a lot in maintaining the roads but owing to the large volume of traffic on the roads, in view of its strategic location as gateway state, such repairs and maintenance do not stand the test of time.

“He appealed to the minister to expedite action in carrying out reconstruction of roads across the state to curtail the preventable accidents on the road.”

Also, Mr Bello begged Mr Fashola to direct contractors handling repairs on the Murtala Bridge at Jamata “to speed up the rate of work,” noting that the slow pace of work has caused the commuters untold hardship.

In a similar vein, he urged the minister to direct the contractors in-charge of the Kabba-Ilorin road project to return to site.

He said the total neglect of the road in the area has made life unbearable for motorists and commuters plying the road.

“The governor also drew the attention of the minister to the Lokoja-Ganaja-Ajaokuta road which the federal government awarded for over three years but contractors were yet to be seen on site.”

Meanwhile, Mr Muhammed said the minister had ordered the Federal Road Maintenance Agency to immediately fix the bad portion of the road at the Felele end of the Okene/Lokoja/Abuja road.

“The minister equally put calls across to contractors handling Kabba-Egbe-Omuaro road, Okene-Lokoja-Abuja road to inform them of the governor’s presence in his office and the need for them to speed up the works on the roads.

“He assured the governor that the ministry will use the remaining part of the year to achieve more in fulfilling the governor’s request in respect of federal roads in the state.”

Premium Times

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NCAC Holds Discussion on Resuscitating Culture, Morality



A one day Cultural Roundtable on Morality, Culture and the Nigerian Youth has been organized by National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC). The aim of the program was to address the progressive deterioration of our cultural values and the urgent need to mount a comprehensive and sustainable value re-orientation programme to return Nigerian society on the path of moral rebirth.

In his welcome address at the event held at Abuja Sheraton Hotels and Towers, the Director-General of the National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe decried the progressive deterioration in our cultural values.

Runsewe stated that while Nigeria had always been known for a rich culture, anchored on the virtues of hardwork, integrity, high public morality, respect for elders and constituted authority, decency in dressing and in public speeches among others, these virtues are rapidly giving way to various social vices.

He noted that in the past, agents of socialization like the family, school, religious institutions, took collective responsibility in inculcating high moral values among our youths. According to Otunba Runsewe, today the story is different. Runsewe lamented that what we now see, is laziness, get rich quick syndrome and primitive acquisitive tendencies by yahoo-yahoo boys, scammers, internet fraudsters and all forms of social vices.

In her speech, the Chairman of the occasion, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Women Affairs and Administration, Office of the First Lady, Dr. Hajo Sani stated that our youths in imitating foreign cultures in the way they talk and dress, are early signs of deviation from our moral values and customs.

She lamented that in our schools, many teachers who are supposed to tutor our children in cultural ethos now take advantage of the same children they are supposed to take care of. She added that the society at large, has now become bad examples to our youths by exposing them to other immoral vices like rape and other forms of evil activities.

She noted that the First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari will be willing to collaborate with NCAC on building a good foundation for our youth right from childhood.

The Managing Director of Africa Independence Television (AIT), Dr. (Mrs) Tosin Dokpesi, who gave the keynote address, commended the DG, NCAC for putting up the roundtable discourse, adding that there is no better time to start the moral rebirth crusade than now. She said all hands must be on deck to rid the society of the social vices and inculcate good values in our youths. She stressed the need to arrest our eroding values and tradition with a commitment to restore the lost culture and glory of our country Nigeria.

Highlight of the occasion was the presentation of a book titled “Morality, Culture and the Nigerian Youth”, authored by the Director-General, National Council for Arts and Culture, copies of which were distributed to all the participants: discussants, speakers, journalists and other invited guests. The Director-General, National Council for Arts and Culture, Otunba Segun Runsewe also used the occasion to express the resolve of the National Council for Arts and Culture to rise up to the occasion and rid our society of moral rot and put Nigeria on a sound social and cultural footing.

Runsewe added that the book will serve as one of the literature materials that his Council intends to use to prosecute the moral rebirth in our society. He urged every parent, teacher, religious leader to critically review our values as a nation as that is the only sure way we can aspire for accelerated growth and development we urgently desire.

The one day roundtable attracted the participation of critical stakeholders from different sectors of the society.

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