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Groups Condemn Northern Governors’ Silence on Kaduna Attack As death Toll Hits 51



The Northern States Governors’ Forum was on Tuesday condemned over its silence on the killings, which took place in Southern Kaduna a few hours before it met in Kaduna State on Monday.

Groups, including the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union, the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the Middle Belt Forum and civil rights organisations,  in separate interviews with The PUNCH,  described the forum’s silence on the killings in Kaduna State as insensitive.

The organisations said this as the death toll in the bandits’ attack on Southern Kaduna increased to 51 on Tuesday with the recovery of three more corpses.

The  NSGF had in a communiqué issued after at its meeting on Monday berated southern governors for insisting that the presidency should shift to the South in 2023.

The northern governors also faulted moves by Lagos and Rivers states to collect the Value Added Tax.

How could govs meet in Kaduna and silent on killing of 48 people, says SOKAPU

Between Sunday and Monday, no fewer than 48 people were killed by bandits in Zango Kataf and Kaura local government areas of Kaduna State within 24 hours of unrestricted bloody violence.

Commenting on the governors communiqué’s silence on the  killings and their preoccupation with the 2023 presidency and the Value Added Tax, the  Southern Kaduna Peoples Union spokesman, Luka Binniyat,  carpeted the governors, saying they were “still in yoke with the obsolete mentality of  one North.”

He specifically knocked the governors from the Middle Belt  whom he described as “mere pawns to be used to further the interest of the core  North.”

Binniyat said, “SOKAPU sees the Northern State Governors Forum  as nothing other than an assembly of governors from the former Northern Region (today’s 19 northern states) who are still yoked in with the obsolete mentality of  one North.”

“Unfortunately for governors of the Middle Belt states among them, who do not have the courage, wisdom and vision to pull out and form a “Middle Belt Governors’ Forum like their counterparts in other parts of the country, the agenda of every meeting of the NGF always proves that they are mere pawns to be used to further the interest of the core North.

“If not so, how could a meeting of the NSGF take place in Kaduna State where at least 48 persons were murdered on Sunday in cold blood in the Christian Southern Kaduna, and nothing was mentioned of it?

“Was it not the same NSGF that made so much fuss over the killing of 22 Fulani commuters in Jos recently and threatened fire and brimstone because the Fulani were alleged to have been killed by Christians?

“Are the 48 Christian women and children killed in their homes in Madamai and Adum villages in the Kaura LGA in Southern Kaduna not supposed to raise emotions of the so-called NSGF to elicit even a mention in their meeting?

“But, the lives of non-Hausa-Fulani natives of an enclave they claim as part of their North do not qualify to be that of humans.

“SOKAPU condemns such cold, snobbish and inhuman attitudes of these governors to the latest tragedy that hit us.

“Kaduna State cannot be used as ground for bickering over power sharing while the citizens of the states are being massacred as selfish and unfeeling governors meet while we are deeply mourning.

“We reject membership of such a body. We do not identify with those who don’t care about us.”

He also condemned the role played by the Governor of Plateau State,  Simon Lalong.

“He (Lalong) seems to carry his curious role as Chairman of the NSGF not caring whether he is being used or not. He does not seem to bother about the opinion of our Plateau neighbours who are openly embarrassed and miffed by his  poster face of anti-Middle Belt and Southern Nigeria.

“Southern Kaduna and Plateau State do not only share a very wide physical boundary, we have had centuries of inter-communal relationship and share almost the same problems of insecurity and mass murder of our people. Yet he did not have the courage of calling the attention of his colleagues to the ongoing genocide that took place less than 24hours before their meeting.”

Also berating the northern governors, the Middle Belt Forum described their opposition to power shift as selfish.

The Punch

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Electoral Act: Supreme Court Strikes Out Buhari’s Suit Against NASS



The Supreme Court, on Friday, struck out a suit filed against the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari challenging the legality of the controversial section 84 (12) of the Electoral Act 2022.

The Apex Court held that Buhari, having assented to the Electoral Bill on February 25, 2022, has no power to turn around to challenge the legality of the Electoral Act.

The Supreme Court, in a judgment prepared and delivered by Justice Emmanuel Agim, declared the action of Buhari in instituting the case as a gross abuse of court.

The Apex Court said the President by the suit sought to approbate and reprobate at the same time and that such must not be allowed.

Besides, the court held that Buhari has no power under any law to dictate to the National Assembly on law-making.

The unanimous verdict held that Buhari, having participated in the making of the Electoral Act by his assent, lacked Constitutional powers to come up to challenge same.

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Lawyer Protests Hijab Ruling, Appears at Supreme Court Dressed in Native Doctor’s Attire



A human rights lawyer, Malcolm Omoirhobo, on Thursday, caused a stir due to his mode of dressing at the Supreme Court in Abuja.

Photos circulated on social media showed Omoirhobo dressed in a lawyer’s robe mixed with other materials that made him look like an African native doctor.

The lawyer had a gourd with cowries around his neck and a feather on his wig.

According to him, he wore the attire to show gratitude to the Supreme Court which had, on Friday, June 17, 2022, granted the use of hijab by female Muslim students in government-owned schools in Lagos.

Addressing journalists, Omoirhobo said, “I am very grateful to the Supreme Court. Just last week Friday, they made a very resounding decision that promotes Section 38 of the constitution. That is our right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion.

“That we are free to express our way of worship in our schools and in our courts. That decision was reached on Friday and that has encouraged me.

“Because I am a traditionalist and this is the way I worship. Based on the decision of the Supreme Court, this is how I will be dressing henceforth in court because I am a strong adherent to ‘Olokun’, the god of rivers.”

Reacting, a Professor of Linguistics at the University of Ibadan, Francis Egbokhare, told The PUNCH that the lawyer’s action exposed the ridiculousness that is sometimes associated with law.

He said, “I believe this is just basically sarcasm, as far as I’m concerned, bringing to our attention the ridiculousness sometimes of law when you stretch it out to such an extent.

“For instance, if dress code does not matter, or if you are to modify a dress code, the question is what are the boundaries or limitations, and where do you draw the line?”

Advising the lawyer, Egobkare said, “I think it will be a good thing for him to test it further because this is a comic relief so far. Until he brings it up through the legal process, it may not have any impact beyond just giving us something to laugh about.”

The Punch

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UK Police Arrest Ekweremadu, Wife for Alleged Plan to Harvest Child’s Organs



The United Kingdom Metropolitan Police have formally charged two Nigerians with conspiracy to facilitate the travel of another person for organ harvesting.

The suspects were arrested and charged over their plan to bring a child into the country to allegedly harvest the said child’s organs.

The two arrested suspects were identified as Beatrice Nwanneka Ekweremadu, 55, and Ike Ekweremadu, 60, from Nigeria.

The suspects who have been remanded in custody will appear at Uxbridge magistrates court later on Thursday.

They are charged with conspiracy to harvest organs, The Guardian UK reports.

According to the report, the charges involve arranging or facilitating travel of another person with a view to exploitation, namely organ harvesting, the Met said in a statement.

The child involved has been safeguarded, according to the Met.

The investigation was launched after detectives were alerted to potential offences under modern slavery legislation in May 2022, the force said.

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