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Untamed Freedom: The Root Cause of Human Errors!



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“GREED is a matter of CHARACTER. Greed should never be your CREED! When research on the major cause of crisis in the world was made, it was said that some set of people had GREED, and greed became a global phenomenon. Discipline powers character for effective leadership, while Character Disciplines Power. Character and Ethics are national and global security issues. Living right is a global security issue. When you live right, you are simply affecting a lot of people vice-versa.”– Tolulope A. Adegoke

The ultimate reason of revisiting this aspect of leadership enlightenment is to solve the societal menace that have ravaged, hampered and tampered with the core systems of many Third World Countries, which has its roots in what I refer to as Untamed Freedom- the root cause of Character failure in humans, corporates and nations at large.

We must understand that true leadership spreads its tentacles to the core aspects of human relations which helps to nurture, build and deliver the authentic requirement for true and sustainable leadership, and its implications on the economy, technology and politics of nations across the world which  focuses on ‘Character’ as the ‘authentic key for leadership, its relevance and as well establishing ways of harnessing it to building effective leaders in all sectors of human endeavours for the benefits of mankind.

It must also be understood that character is the major weakness of most developing nations across the world, and how ineffective leadership practices have groomed unethical conduct.

‘Ethics’ could be said to be a disturbing aspect of leadership and how it has so much affected the majority of Third World Countries which are having issues in handling sustainable leadership. Therefore, a blessed nation like Nigeria could enlarge its coasts by judiciously maximizing its endowments through effective ‘Character’ in individual and joint leadership endeavours, thereby enlightening the readers and her citizenries with the facts that character sees people as great ASSETS and not mere properties that could be carelessly ignored.

Here, I shall focus on the indispensable and irrefutable power of Character (as vital requirement for leadership in Nation Building)’ with the aim of building capacities through greater enlightenment strategy towards fixing today, and as well handing over a better world to coming generations, even as trends evolve globally.

 Do you know why leaders are so weak in many developing countries of the world? The answer is lack of CHARACTER. The deficiency of character is what makes bad leadership, while bad leadership is what breeds gross mismanagement, unethical conducts and bad policies. Gross misconducts and mismanagement are what destroys or impedes national growths and development.

Bad leaders are one thing in the day and another thing in the night! They make deals that are shady and then look pretty or handsome on the camera. They rule instead of leading; they grind instead of guiding. The Holy Book says, God is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever! It also reveals that Night and Day are the same to God! This is a clear indication that God has CHARACTER! And He has given unto us the same thing called CHARACTER!

If you are going to be what you were born or created or desired to be, then you must develop the first principle God gave to us (MAN), which is CHARACTER! For us to deliver the present and future maximally, and as well fulfil divine intentions (purpose), we need to study God Himself and His manner of operations and creations according to Genesis chapter 1 verses 26 (NKJV): ‘Let us make Man in Our IMAGE after our likeness: and let them have DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.’ Nothing is therefore IMPOSSIBLE, because I and you came out of God. He is the most authentic leadership example to be followed, because principles are fixed and not meant to be broken. He has made us in His IMAGE and LIKENESS to have DOMINION over the works of His Hands. It should be noted that the first gift given to Man by God is IMAGE. Whatever God gives you first is what you need first.

What then is IMAGE? The simplest meaning of Image is CHARACTER. God said let Man have my distinctive qualities (Character). What is most expected of you by God is that you become a Leader of worth by consistently living and leading by examples embedded in the qualities of true CHARACTER. Truth be told, the number one fitness and proof of leadership today is CHARACTER. This is the foundation of leadership!

Everybody was born to be a leader. We are not meant to rule over people, but lead and guide one another through and to what is right! Leaders lead by examples, guides by principles and guard by strategies. Leaders lead in specific areas of gifting or expertise. Leaders are not careless beings, but intentional beings who upholds the tenets of selfless and authentic lifestyles in a bid to correct the past errors and set new records for the benefits of the coming generation, which makes leadership a continuous pattern, as it requires passing the tenets as baton unto others for continuity (from generation to generations).

 The word CHARACTER means FIXED, Predictable, Stable, Dependable and Ready. These are qualities that are unchanging and dependable like the STATUE. For example, have a good look at a STATUE; what is it doing where you put it or fix it? Whatever inflictive words you say to the ‘statue’, it still stands? It doesn’t react to the negative vibes, but to good maintenance cultures. That is simply CHARACTER!

As a leader that you are, can we trust you to be the same, even in the dark? Are you the same person when no one is watching? What would you do if none would ever find out? What are those things you secretly do on your mobile phones or laptops or on the internet? Are you the same person all the time? Are you the same person even when given freedom or power? When life rains on you, are you the same person? Are you the same person, no matter what people say to you or about you? That is why Third World Countries are having issues handling true and sustainable leadership! What is commonly present in many of these regions of the world are RULERS, not LEADERS, due to CHARACTER deficiency.

Requirements of Character for Sustainable Leadership

Do you have CHARACTER? When you change location, are you still the same person? When given a title, are you still the same person? LEADERSHIP demands CHARACTER. A reliable example of Character is PRINCIPLE, because it is Constant, it never changes. When you throw something up, it falls down… it is like that everywhere. Leadership requires CONSISTENCY! This is because the will of God never changes. No matter where you go, gravity is constant. Do you have Character? I want you to keep encouraging yourself to keep on developing CHARACTER. As leaders, who are empowered to save the present and the future. To impart our world positively, we must be unchanging if truly we are going to develop our powerful leadership capacities beyond mediocrity.

The Disturbing aspect of Leadership

The major disturbing aspect of leadership which most leaders do not consider to develop is ETHICS. Ethics is a result of character! The power of unethical behaviour affects everyone in the community, society, State, nation and the world at large. Ethics is personal, but it is never private! A few business or political leaders have no ETHICS; they make some unethical moves that can affect everyone. When you violate character, it is a personal decision, but it is not a private issue. You affect all of us. That is why corruption must never be tolerated anytime because one corrupt person affects everyone. Many developing nations are still struggling with their economy today, because of unethical behaviours by a majority that has fully established CORRUPTION as a practice that can now be overlooked, which have crippled the economy of these nations. Many people consider Nigeria to be a poor nation in spite of all the natural resources she is endowed with (Precious stones, crude oil, very fertile soil among others) because just a few set of people are unethical, and this tends to affects the entire population in the country. So many investors are currently scared to invest in some part of the developing nations because there are just a few set of people who would abuse such an investment which has therefore deprived so many people of the opportunities to be employed or to become job owners, just because a few people are unethical. You, therefore need to tell your neighbor ‘Do right for my sake’. If great leaders who have been absorbed by history had decided not to do what is right, what do you think would have happened to us today? A few chose to stand right, do right and make right. One decision could have affected the entire world. This is why it is so important for you to This is why it is so important for you to have character for the sake of the millions who will look up to you some day! This is why your gift is critical to your generation, but protecting it is much more important. GREED is a matter of CHARACTER. Greed should never be your CREED! When a research on the major cause of crisis in the world was made, it was said that some set of people had GREED, and greed became a global phenomenon. Discipline powers character for effective leadership, while Character Disciplines Power. Character and Ethics are national and global security issues. Living right is a global security issue. When you live right, you are simply affecting a lot of people vice-versa.

Thank you all for reading.

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2)Dr Alero Roberts – Lecturer, Public Health Consultant and serves on the Board of Corona Trust Council
3)Mrs Adeyinka Adefope – Educationist and Safeguarding Consultant
4)Dr Sade Olajubu – Forensic Psychiatrist
5) Mr Ebuka Ekeanyanwu – Legal Practitioner

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