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Arise and Shine: Specialise and Engage the Power of Influence (Pt. 2)



By Tolulope A. Adegoke

“What do you do? How do you do it? You have got to add something to that which makes you unique; It is called carving a niche for yourself, as this helps you to do the ordinary things in extraordinary ways!” – Tolulope A. Adegoke, Ph.D., MNIM

What are you into? What are you selling? Is it real estate? You had better asked God by prayer to give you a revelation that would make your company a rare one. Are you a lawyer? Ask God for a real revelation about legal services…become specialized also by studying and working hard for it! The Angel said to Mary about Jesus Christ in the Book of life (Luke 1:31) “His name shall be called Jesus, for He shall save people from sin.” That’s simply specialization. He would have only one job, He was named what His job is. That means, His area of specialization is “salvation”. That’s why Christ was so successful while on Earth, He stayed with His focus.

You were created with the seed of influence on the inside. The seed is in you, and that’s the gift from God Almighty, The Maker. You will never get your greatness from EDUCATION alone! Education cannot give you a seed, but can only refine the seed you have on the inside. That’s why it is important to know and understand your purpose, so that you can take the right education.

Your seed is in you, already. Every one of you reading this article right now were born with a unique seed. Some people may not believe this, and that why I have got to prove to you that Trees never take their fruits to the market. I have never seen a Mango or Apple tree run you down to give you its fruits or seeds. The Mango or Apple tree simply brings forth its fruits, and the market comes to the tree for harvest.

As at 2007, My Mentor of Blessed Memory, Dr. Myles Monroe said, he had over 700 invitations to speak from different countries of the world for the year 2008. These people went looking for him on a little Island, miles wide, because he refined a seed in several ways and terms, by reading voraciously, listening to tapes and CDs of master (mentor or teacher) in his areas of interests and calling, and ends up using theirs better than they had it. But some people might end up saying, I am not going to live like him, but that’s your personal issue, but why not learn from master (mentor or teacher) who had lived, who are living and who would still live, and then make it better than they (ever) did it.

Whatever made great men to be “what” or “who” they were or are today, were learned from other master (mentor or teacher) or professionals who had lived, but the way by which they release it is under their individual unique gifts. That’s why you must break your ego per time to consistently learn from others, listen to relevant tapes and CDs, read books and articles in your areas of interests and callings, because your “tree” alone will never make a forest! Your little knowledge alone can’t give your wishes a ‘kingdom’ of its own in this generation. Above all things, you must learn to sit at the feet of Master (mentor or teacher)s directly or indirectly to lean and learn from their wealth of experiences. Closely or from afar by studying their beings via their deeds or “products” that comes in form of books, tapes or CDs, write-ups and results or influence!

Drop your ego! it won’t take you farther than you are; learn to live on the shoulders of giants to become relevant across nations and all through generations. It doesn’t matter being like them, what matter most is knowing “what” they know or knew so that you can know and act (do) better. And, truly, this is the authentic meaning of the principal thing called underSTANDING – you must firstly stay under, learn under and lean under, earn under a Master (mentor or teacher) or a giant before you can be trusted enough to stand on their shoulders to be greater than them, in all things, and among all beings (it is called a track-record). Listen to top minds in your areas of calling and harden not your heart – give entrance to the teachings that comes from them to you. Listen and absorb these teachings and make it sound like yours in your own unique ways according to the anointing or gifting which are embedded in you! this is called research – that is, searching deep into what had been searched, before. Then the world would pay you to hear it over and over again. And while you watch films or programmes on the Cable TVs, great men are busy studying, listening to tapes and CDs. Be kind to yourself enough not to be trapped by (irrelevant) TV programmes and other ideals that doesn’t edify your spirit man nor favour your course or beings or purpose.

Reconstruct yourself with the right “knowledge” (light) – you must know relevant things in this current age, so as to have an edge for ages to come. You can’t release what you have not eaten and digested, you cannot give what you don’t have! Be true to yourself, be wise, not just for yourself, but also for those that are dying for the seeds or gift that you carry, which you have carelessly or ignorantly failed or refused to refine and release. Permit me to say that Cable TV is a ‘thief’, it steals your time and controls your emotion. You have got to manage that remote control of yours, otherwise, it will manage your life!

Refine your fruits, and people would come searching for you… you will be found! The remaining part of this year (2022) is loaded with power, influence and double celebrations. If you are going to influence, you have got to find your gift, and those who need it would come and find you. For instance, when you want Mango or Apple, you have got to locate the trees which produces or carries them. How then does an Apple or Mango tree become one? Paul in the Bible says, “forget about the former things, you have got to forget about some things and some people”. Don’t be emotional about your destiny, but be intentional! One of the major secrets is found in the Book of Genesis 1:26-28. God created you in His Own Image, and said unto you:

i.                   Be Fruitful

ii.                 Multiply

iii.              Replenish

iv.               Subdue, and have dominion over all the earth.

i.                   God said, “Be Fruitful”! He never said be “seed-ful”! He knew He had already deposited the seeds in you, when He formed you. It is impossible to be fruitful unless you have seeds in you. it is seeds that brings forth fruits. The word ‘fruitful’ in the Hebrew word means to be productive. It doesn’t mean to have babies, alone. To produce means to be fruitful. To produce comes from life. The factories, manufacturing companies, shopping malls are mostly relevant because of their productivities from their production department, without it, all other department are dead areas. If you eat those nylon packs, cans, they will only kill you. it is the seeds which are packaged in those cans and bags that gives life. To be fruitful is the first ACT of God! That means, you must produce something after your kind, based on the seeds that you carry within you. It is a command to fulfil as human beings.

ii.                 Multiply – This means that, you have to reproduce what you produce.

iii.              Replenish means to distribute your fruits or gifts. Don’t keep them to yourself.

iv.               Subdue – this means to dominate the areas of your gifts.

Mr. Bill Gate, is a worthy exemplar in this context. He followed these procedures so effectively, which caused the entire government of America to come against him to break up his company. Bill Gate produced a fruit called the Microsoft Software, then he multiplied it, later distributed it, by replenishment, until he was able to subdue the market and control all systems to the point that the Congress had to call him to break the company. No one could have such power over America or the world. He became a dominated spirit. He dominated the world of software. He followed God’s plan and principles for mankind.

Whoever dominates, influences in their field or areas of calling. Inside of you is a fruit trapped in the seed that you carry, and that seed must bring forth the tree carrying your fruits, then, you are charged to multiply your fruits, so that it can be distributed, afterwards you can subdue your area of gifting. Here’s when you become known for something. You have become a brand of the “seed” that you carry to influencing your world!

As stated by the late Dr. Myles Monroe, “please ‘die’ after you are known for something!” To ‘die’ in this context means Self-discipline which requires isolation and processes in order to manifest and trejuvenate!

What are you known for? You have got a lot of work to do, if you haven’t found purpose. When you hear the name Michael Jordan, what come to your mind? Basket-Ball! Tiger Woods is known for Golf! Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are known for Football, the late Dr. Myles Monroe was known for “Purpose Driving Life”, infact he was awarded in America with a trophy labelled Mr. purpose! Oprah Winferey is known for Talk Shows! Please, kindly as yourself, what am you known for? Please work on something, so hard and so smart in the year 2022, such that it becomes your name or identity! That’s simply your assignment. You will never find a Mango tree trying to produce Apple! They stay with their seeds. They produce after their kind. It stays with its germ, and germinates what it is. Human are the only creatures that brings forth all kind of things, anybody know what to pick from them. They are one thing today, and something else tomorrow. What exactly do you do? What exactly are you good at, such that you effortlessly command dominion in that area? Develop it! That’s your calling.

The keys to bearing fruits in this generation for generations are:

i.                   The Seed must first be in the “right environment” (Location). choose your association wisely! Locate your place, settle in there and invest, as did Isaac in the Book of life (Genesis 26:12).

ii.                 Isolation: If you desire to become great, then you must practice the law of isolation. Isolate or separate yourself from friends that are wired to end your destiny! For a seed to become a tree, it must first be taken away from the earth and hidden under the ground for “incubation”. When they ask you, where have you been? Tell them, you have been studying! How come you no longer go to parties? Tell them, you have been listening to relevant tapes and CDs that develops the king in you to manifest in your areas of purpose on earth. Isolation aide germination. Every single seed must die for it to germinate. To ‘die’ means self –discipline. You die to friends, old habits, old association, old club life – cut them off! To develop yourself, you must be intentional, not emotional! A seed will not become a tree until it dies! Many people are poison, please beware! Help your destiny to move with those that carry the value that your destiny need to function and develop or manifest with! Light beget light! Follow after your cravings! If you are stupid, don’t follow stupid people. Don’t roll with the kind of people you will never deem fit to hire to grow higher! In 2022, you have got to change some of your friends.

iii.              Germinate – every seed must germinate. This means that, you must motivate yourself from a source. You have got to find people who motivates you, that makes you to germinate, go to seminars that would improve that which you carry. Read books that would fine-tune your essence. You have got to be around people that helps you to germinate, those that would influence you to dream big and become bigger! Don’t move with scared people – people who are scared to dare big things. Run away from those that look down on the qualities on the virtues that you carry!

iv.               You have got to “Water the Seed” – This means that you constantly develop a program to manage your development. That means, you must join organizations that improves the quality of your being, put yourself on a reading program. Discipline yourself to read at least two books, a month. You have got to water yourself to keep flourishing!

v.                 Fertilizer (Destiny Boosters) – this means that you have to refine and refresh your program to constantly grow yourself. Some people are poison. You do not need poison; you do not need pollution! What you need are refiners, boosters. May God give us wisdom to discern and stop keeping bad company. Bad company isn’t limited to those that smokes or drink, but those that subtracts from you and divides you! Move with those that adds to your values and multiply the grace that you carry!

vi.               You need Sunshine. If you must develop this fruit tree, you need special networking. That means, you get to network with organizations and people who become your light. This is the specialty of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, our Saviour, God Almighty, Our Father in Heaven, and good friends in the Body of Christ and professional people who can lead you to higher ground. You need to network with people who can get you to where you need to get to. Your networks determine your net-worth. This year 2022, review your network, and see if your net is working.

vii.            Pruning – Many don’t like this. If you must develop the fruits, there must be pruning. Pruning means, you have got to cut off some people, ideals, practices, habits, situations and opportunities which are liable to cut off your destiny! You have got to manage people, time and situations in your life. You can outgrow your friends, and when this happens, it’s time to leave. Always know when to leave people. When you start growing and your friend aren’t then, you become a misfit. Be careful! Run!

viii.         Time – When you put a seed into the ground, it takes time for it to germinate. You can’t force it to grow. If you must maximize the remaining part of this year as your best year, yet you have got to use your time wisely. Don’t rush growth! You have got to accept the processes. The processes are necessary for the purpose to be fulfilled. Process takes time and it requires patience! You can’t rush success, but you can guarantee it.

ix.               Patience – when you start working with a tree, you plant a seed, and you have got to be patient. When you put a seed in a cup or into the ground, it takes its required time to grow, so, you have just got to be patient with the process of fulfilling purpose. Do you really know why many aren’t really growing? No patience! Great men are very patient people; they don’t emerge into greatness without having gone through the required processes without the instrumentality and practicality of patience. This is why there is so much crime rate in many part of the world today. People want instant success. They don’t want to work to pay for a CD player, they want to break into your house and get it, instantly.  It is called CRIME! There is no other beautiful word to describe it. Crime is crime and those involved in its act are criminals. They don’t want to save and put money in the bank, rather, they want to just rob the bank. Delayed gratification? No! they can’t handle it. Take your time to complete the processes in school. Don’t quit! Hang on there, go for it! Attend that evening school. All trees need patience. One thing about trees is that, when it grows up to become big, it can withstand a whole lot of pressure because of its firm root which took time to sprout. Its stands there… because of patience.

God has bought you over with a new attitude to rejuvenate and to MANifest, just as He intended for you. Therefore, Arise and Shine!

Thank you all for reading.

The Power of an Empowered Zero” (From Zero to HERO) is a Book authored by Tolulope A. Adegoke, PhD. Foreword by Dr Yomi Garnett (CEO/Chancellor, Royal Biographical Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., U.K., Abuja, Nigeria.) Edited by Ola Aboderin. Designed by Sceptirus. It is currently available on Selar, Amazon and Bambooks.

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Food for Living: Become a Person of Value



By Henry Ukazu

Dear Destiny Friend,

“Try not to become a person of success but rather try to become a person of value” – Albert Einstein

To be valuable is one of the best things that can happen to any person. Whoever has value is the king of the pack, and is well sought after. He is resourceful, and everyone wants to tap into his resourcefulness.

But what does it mean to be a person of value? Note that understanding differs when the word value is mentioned. Value is relative because what’s valuable to one person might not be valuable to another. For example, a lady who has several suitors seeking her hand in marriage has something of interest she admires and dislikes in every suitor, but what will determine who she will marry will be the value she desires in a man. This value might be money, character, academics, loyalty, beauty or skill.

It’s however, sad, when people think that value relates to only money; but value is more than money. It can be skills, academic qualifications or certification, network and networth, spiritual life, social life, physical strength, position, talent among others.

To the world, value means having something to offer; a person’s value is something that can make a positive difference in the lives of others. When one is valuable, it means that they are not just a consumer, but a producer and creator. It means that they are not just followers, but a leaders.

The importance of value cannot be overemphasized. Everyone has a measure of value, but the challenge most people face is the inability to maximize their value.

Your value is a gift to the world. Your value is your talent. People of value are in high demand. People of exceptional value are in higher demand, and are respected and honoured.

Did you know that your value can be used to know your interest? For instance, how you spend your time; what you think; how you invest and spend your money; where you work; causes you support; choice of majors; the books you read; the events you attend and more, all combine to reflect your inherent value. Your value will assist you to know how you can balance work life and career. Your value can be used to showcase your mission and passion for life.

It’s instructive to note that nobody will willingly come to you if you don’t have value. When you position yourself as a pest, beggar, liability, etc., people will begin to see you in that light. Just to let you know how attractive one can be, imagine an ant being attracted to sugar. It is simply because the sugar has what the ant likes. That’s how life works. People will come to you when they see you have what they have.  That simply tells you must add value to yourself. Quit complaining and apportioning blame to people, government and circumstance, take ownership and responsibility of your life.  According to – Marcus T Cicero “You will be of as much value to others as you have been to yourself.”

When you know the value you offer, you won’t need to talk too much. You will have self confidence, you won’t need to announce yourself, rather, people will seek your services or product. According to  Patrick Lencioni, the author of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, “he stated the five ways to become a person of value and Influence. According to him, you must find your passion and purpose; Embrace Personal Development, choose a problem you can solve; be authentic.

1. Find your purpose and passion

The great and influential men and women the world has ever known were those who discovered and pursued their purpose and were driven by their passions. When you’re on the path of purpose, it’s easier to add significant value to the lives of others. You’ll hardly be of any significant value to people or influence them when you don’t know where you are going yourself. Purpose ignites passion which keeps you motivated, inspired and focused. You need that to be valuable and influential.

2. Embrace personal development

Becoming a person of value and influence demands embracing a lifelong pursuit of personal development. Personal development is a process of understanding and developing yourself to realize your full potential. The extent to which you’re able to add value and influence others depends on the extent to which you have been able to develop yourself. Every raw material has little or no value. It becomes valuable after it’s been refined. Take time to refine yourself in every area. That could be hard but it’s rewarding. Daily ask yourself, “What do I need to learn or do to become a better person?

3. Choose a problem you can solve for people

To be a person of value and influence, you have to become genuinely interested in people enough to solve a specific problem for them. Think of what you can do to make lives better. The more people you solve problems for, the more valuable and influential you become.

4. Be original and unique

When we live our lives mimicking or imitating others, it steals our originality. Originality is the beauty of life. Guess what? Imitations don’t get much attention, originals do.  You can copy my style, but you can’t imitate my creativity. We’ve all heard that when you imitate someone else, the best you can be is second best. That’s very true. To be a person of influence, don’t be anyone else. Be you.

5. Pursue excellence

Becoming a person of value and influence is not going to be so much about what you do as it is about how well you do it. It’s said that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. Go beyond the usual. Add a touch of class in all you do. That’s what excellence is all about. Mind you it’s not the same as perfection.

6. Encourage and inspire others

Find a way to encourage and inspire others to be all they can be. Empower, share your knowledge and skills with others. Your value and influence is connected to the number of lives that are better because of you.

7. Exude confidence

Self-confidence is one quality that’s very admirable. It’s about knowing what you want and having the courage and boldness to go for it. When you’re self-confident, people are attracted to you. When you don’t have it, the opposite is the case. The reason is simple — what value do you think a person who doesn’t believe in himself offers?

8. Have integrity

It’s true that none of us is perfect but for you to be a person of value and influence you must be able to earn people’s confidence and trust. You should be able to live by certain values that uphold sound moral principles. Integrity means always doing the right thing and, in all circumstances, whether or not it’s convenient. It’s about being sincere and real. It’s about being honest enough to admit when you’re wrong. It’s your “yes” as “yes” and your “no” as “no”. It’s people trusting you not for any other reason but because you have earned their trust.

In conclusion, to be relevant consider being a person of value. Remember, your value depends on what you can offer.

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