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Food for Living: The Blessing of Parents



By Henry Ukazu

Dear Destiny Friends,

Every living being craves blessings. An apprentice craves the blessings of his/her master or coach to succeed, the same way a mentee craves the blessings of his mentor. Every living being who truly wants to succeed must earnestly crave the blessings of their parents, especially if they are alive.

You may be wondering what parental blessings are? Parental blessings refer to positive forces that follow you and bring you good luck due to the positive words spoken over your life by those with parental authority over you. This can either come from your biological parents or those who have a form of “divine or positional authority” over you. It must not necessarily be your biological parents though biological parents have a more influential role to play, but we have seen some bad parents, but then that’s not a yardstick to castigate or neglect them. They might be bad but, they see still have some divine powers and authority. This is because we came to the world through their cells, genes, and blood which is the foundation of existence. That’s why most people say, blood is thicker than blood.

In this article, I will share personal thought-provoking insights to inform and enlighten us about the effects of parental blessings. As a transformational human capacity coach with a focus on helping humanity in all spheres of life to not only maximize their potentials but also to unleash their potentials, I have come to realize that true success is internal and not external. During my engagements with people (High school and college students, graduates, entrepreneurs and career professionals), I find it why some people succeed much faster with relative ease while some people literally struggle to succeed.

As a mindset coach, I always focus most of my training on self-discovery. This is because, before you can succeed in anything in life, you must not only understand the basics, you must love it, but more especially, you must have the corresponding blessings that come with the opportunity. These blessings can come in various forms, they can either come from your mentors, parents, founders, or even the creator, but I will focus my point on parental blessings.

You may be wondering why I’m focusing and emphasizing parental blessings. Well, the reason is simple, parental blessings are the foundational blessings we need to survive in whatever we do. This is because at creation, God used our biological parents to bring us into the world, and as such, God gave them all we need to succeed in life. That is why when your mother gave birth to you, you will either look like your father, mother, or even a relative, but more importantly, you’ll have features of either your father or mother in you. That’s why it is been said, a lion can’t give birth to a snake. As always, like begets like.

That said, if the creator didn’t want your parents to give birth to you, they’ll find another person to bring you into the world. Therefore, God deposited all the nutrients and all you need to succeed in life. Your parents are the first people you met in your life apart from the doctors, nurses, and medical team that played a crucial role in the labour room. Your parents are your first friends, they nurtured, trained, and equipped you with all you need to stand as a human being before you became independent.

I can understand the fact that some parents may not be physically present during the birth and training of the child, I can also understand some parents abandoned their child/children, and are not be physically present in their life. There are a thousand and one reasons out there, but the point I’m trying to emphasize is that, regardless of the odd, your parents have a role to play in your life’s success. Yes, it can be painful if you have odd stories and memories. But let me ask, if you are told the reason you have not been able to succeed in life or why life is not adding up for you is because your parents have not blessed you, and you are told, you have to seek for your parents’ blessings, will you seek for your parents’ blessings or will you disregard it? If your thinking is like mine, you will go and search for them wherever they are because they have the key to your success.

This might sound a little bit strange to you, but trust me, there are spiritual blessings that come with parental blessings, but quite unfortunately, many people don’t know about it. It may interest you to know that, in the Holy Bible, the only commandment with a promise is the fifth commandment which says, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.”

What does this instruction portend? It shows, your “parents” are the only people God has given your blessing. If you like meet world leaders, preachers, billionaires, celebrities, etc., for opportunities, trust me, the blessings or favours will be temporary no matter how long you may think it lasted or may last. Even if it lasts a long period of time, there’s a level of happiness, fulfillment and goodwill you are supposed to get which you may not get because you are not working on purpose. But if your biological parents should pray for you and bless you from their heart, trust me you will attract uncommon favours, goodwill and peace of mind that surpasses all joy. This is why most times reasonable people go all out for parental blessings.

Just like every house has a foundation that holds it together, every success has a foundation upon which it is built. That’s why it is important for children and adults to seek their blessings before they engage in any worthwhile project like the choice of a life partner, marriage, traveling, business, or professional career. I remember giving my late parents my first paycheck in the USA to bless it. I did that because I know the importance of parental blessings.

Here is a personal story: A couple of years ago, I shared on my Instagram and social media pages how I resigned from my job to see my late grandmother and returned back to New York without a job. But at the end of the day, I received the blessings which made me to be profiled and interviewed by New York Times and News12 because of my book. The interesting part of this story is that my late grandmother played a huge role due to the blessings she showered on me and my book.

Ordinarily, I doubt if my hard work and academic work can earn me those opportunities. I must be honest with myself that if at all I will get the opportunity, I doubt if the ovation will be as loud as it is currently trending. It may interest you to know that I didn’t even lobby or seek this publicity, they came naturally. I was even surprised to see the story was shared on YouTube. As you can see these are some of the goodwill I have received in recent times, and I know more are on the way.

Just so you know, your parents are like your earthly “God”. So just like you obey your boss at work to ensure you are in their good book, you must ensure that you seek for your parent’s blessing. When you provoke your parent to the extent they decide to curse you, trust me, it has a tendency of limiting your growth and success in life. But I have good news for you. According to Proverbs 26:2, “Curses cannot hurt you unless you deserve them”. So, even if your parents or anyone should curse you, if you didn’t cause whatever situation that prompted the cause, trust me, it won’t have any effect.

The blessings of parents are priceless. Some of the associated blessings that come with parental blessings include; you will receive divine favor, divine protection, you will receive supernatural blessings and strength, you will move at the speed of light, you’ll attract favors, uncommon goodwill, you won’t struggle to succeed compared to your contemporaries, you will prevail against your foes or negative force, and you will be fruitful.

But remember they all come with a condition, you must honuor your parents, and honoring your parents entails respecting them, providing for them in form of gifts, monetary support no matter how little, and most importantly showing them love by calling to check up on them.

Are you struggling in life? Do you need peace of mind, fulfillment, opportunities, favour etc? If yes, please seek your parents’ blessings why doing the needful. If you genuinely try this principle of seeking parental blessings and it doesn’t work, then only God, in flesh and blood, can help you.

Henry Ukazu writes from New York. He’s a Human Capacity & mindset coach. He’s also a  public speaker. He works with the New York City Department of Correction as the Legal Coordinator. He’s the author of the acclaimed book Design Your Destiny – Actualizing Your Birthright To Success and President of He can be reached via

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LASTMA Denies Involvement in Burning of Bus, Warns Against Attack on Personnel



The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has denied reports making the rounds that its personnel were involved in the burning of a bus at the Obanikoro bus stop, Ikorodu Road. The Authority, while asking residents to desist from attacking LASTMA officials, stated that the report was the handiwork of an uninformed blogger.

Buttressing the facts of the matter in a statement signed by the Asst. Director, Public Affairs, Filade Olumide, and made available to the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP), the Authority hinted that “LASTMA Management after due diligence on the video, sympathise with the vehicle owner, but categorically deny complicity of any of its officers in the incidence portrayed on the video” while regretting that “…one of the LASTMA patrol officers offering helping hand with the burning vehicle was severely injured by uncalled-for mob action which seems to be occurring nowadays at the slightest alarm.”

The statement also condemned the shallow portrayal of the allegation as the picture evidence did not depict the allegation against its officials.

“The video report lacked pictorial evidence of LASTMA officers’ complicity; those interviewed were neither eye witnesses nor people directly involved in the incident, rather, they were people living within the inside street, close to the scene of the incidence on Ikorodu Road. Their evidences were hear-says’ and limited to after the arrival of security agencies officials to maintain law and order, after attacks on one of the LASTMA officials and also the Fire Fighters that were there to render assistance in putting out the fire in the vehicle,” the statement read.

It added that:

“LASTMA officials do not operate within side street and over time, the State Government has announced zero tolerance to attack on its officials while performing their duties as enshrined in the laws or as directed.

“We wish to reiterate that LASTMA personnel must not be attacked/assaulted while performing their duties or rendering service to the public.

“The LASTMA management also use this opportunity to advise reporters/bloggers to endeavour to conduct proper investigation and present facts rather than sentiments in their reportage for a peaceful and orderly society.”

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Ondo Amotekun Arrests Suspected Masterminds of Owo Church Massacre



The Ondo State Security Network Agency, codenamed “Amotekun Corps” has confirmed that some suspects have been arrested in connection with the terrorist attack on St. Francis Catholic Church, Owo.

The suspected terrorists invaded the church on June 5, killing no fewer than 40 people and injuring many other worshippers.

The state Commander of Amotekun, Adetunji Adeleye, on Thursday said some suspects had been arrested in connection with the killing.

He stated this while parading some 71 men who were arrested for various criminal activities across the state.

He, however, did not give the actual figure of the suspected terrorists arrested, but expressed assurance that all the attackers of the worship centre would be apprehended.

The Amotekun boss said, “As regards the Owo incident, we have recovered the last vehicle they used for that operation and we made some arrests, and we have also recovered some vital things which we are working on.

“A number of people have been arrested concerning the Owo issue as well as a number of equipment. On that day, we pursued them to the point that we recovered the vehicle and we are still pursuing them. We have told you that until we get to the root, I can assure you that the perpetrators and their sponsors will be brought to book.”

On the 71 suspected criminals paraded at the headquarters of the command in Akure, the state capital, Adeleye explained that the suspects were arrested within the last one month for various offenses ranging from armed robbery, cattle rustling, kidnapping, raping, fraud and human trafficking.

“The 71 suspects were picked while committing offences and others were tracked to their hideouts in the forests. We have been able to get a cartel that specialises in stealing and dismantling motorbikes which we all know as okada. Also, we were able to recover over 50 bikes during the operation from these criminals.

“We also got reports from some herdsmen that their cattle were stolen. We went after them and brought the cows back to the Fulani herdsmen that owned the cow. We have a group of small boys who are under 18-year old that turned themselves into a cartel of criminals in a particular local government in Ondo State and armed themselves. They actually belong to a cult group called ‘Agbado’. We were able to arrest 12 out of the 17 members.

“We have about three to four suspected kidnappers and we intend to take most of these suspects, especially the ones we have concluded their investigations to the DPP and for their onward prosecution in court.”

He assured the people of the state that the corps would not rest on its oars until it rids the state of criminal elements, saying, “there is no hiding place for them. They turned the heat on us and we have also turned the heat on them.”

The Punch

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Immigration Service Collaborates with FRONTEX, Poland on Border Security



An Eight-Man Delegation of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has paid a two-day working visit to the headquarters of the European Border Agency, the FRONTEX.

The Public Relations Officer of the Service, Mr. Amos Okpu, in a statement released to the National Association of Online Security News Publishers (NAOSNP), said the Service paid the visit last week to hold discussions with the agency officials on border security and migration management matters.

He noted that the delegation, which was led by the Deputy Comptroller General in charge of the Directorate of Border Management, DCG Muhammad Aminu Muhammad mni was received on arrival at the FRONTEX Headquarters in Warsaw, Poland by senior officials of the organization including Mr. Iain Galea of the International Cooperation Division.

In her welcome remarks, the interim Executive Director of FRONTEX, Aija Kalnaja, stated that Nigeria, and indeed the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), remains a very dependable partner to her agency in the areas of border security and migration management. She stressed that the relationship between her agency and the NIS dated back to 2012 when both agencies entered into a Working Arrangement on Border Security and Migration Management. She maintained that the relationship has remained very enduring and useful to both agencies particularly in the areas of experience sharing and capacity building. She made a case for enhanced collaboration and partnerships by border agencies for a sustained fight against cross-border crimes, especially migrants smuggling and trafficking.

“I sincerely hope that both agencies will explore the opportunity of this meeting to examine the existing Working Arrangement to see if there are areas of possible review in line with current global migratory reality,” she stated.

Responding, the NIS team leader and Head of the Directorate of Border Management, DCG Aminu Muhammad, expressed appreciation for the warm reception accorded his team. He stressed that modern migratory realities are indicating that no unilateral efforts at migration and border security management will endure hence meetings such as this should be encouraged. He reiterated NIS’ strong commitment to healthy collaboration with friendly Border security agencies such as FRONTEX, and called for frank discussions during plenary. He further stressed the need for countries in Europe and other developed states to look beyond establishing border barricades to control migration, but make enduring arrangements to sincerely join efforts with authorities in developing countries to frontally address the pull and push factors of modern migration. He reiterated that the quantum of investments in building high-rise border barricades would not yield lasting benefits if the living conditions of people in developing countries remain abysmally poor.

Earlier, the facilitator of the trip and Country Representative of FIIAPP, implementer of the Action Against Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants in Nigeria (A-TIPSOM), Mr. Rafael Molina, stated that his organisation decided to facilitate the trip with the aim of building enhanced synergy between FRONTEX and NIS for a more coordinated approach to the fight against irregular and dangerous migration.

The meeting witnessed robust plenary sessions during which presentations on matters such as the role of Migration Information and Data Analysis System (MIDAS) the NIS Regional Migration Academy Fundamental Human Rights as an Essential Component of European Integrated Border Management, FRONTEX Law Enforcement Function and the Fight Against TIPSOM in the EU, Fundamental Human Rights as an Essential Component of European Integrated Border Management, FRONTEX Support in the Entire Return Process among others were made.

Some major highlights of the meeting include expressions of strong commitment to enhanced collaboration and partnership by both agencies in the fight against irregular migration as well as robust assurances for more enriching capacity building engagements between both agencies.

The delegation, before rounding up the trip, visited the Nigerian Embassy, and got treated to a very warm reception by His Excellency, Major General (retd) Christian C. Ugwu, the Nigerian envoy to Poland and his great team. The delegation has since returned to Abuja.

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